Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Playhouse Cake (yes, another one, but different)

This is a popular theme these days for children's parties!  I think every other cake I make has this theme or Minnie. I really don't mind at all.  This cake was also for a returning client.  I love these faithful people! I had made the baby shower cake for this couple.  It was a King of the Jungle cupcake and cake tower.  Now they have a precious little boy that was turning one already (how time flies by)and they contacted me and told me what they wanted.  The proud daddy was specific about how it should look and the color.  I obliged and when the daddy picked up the cake, he was a happy camper. 

Blue Christening Cake

This past week was full of cake projects for me.  This is another one I did.  This is also from a returning client.  I had made a Strawberry Shortcake Cake for her little girls first birthday and now she had a new baby boy and wanted a cake to celebrate his baptism.  The flavor is Amaretto sponge cake with buttercream frosting covered in MMF.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tangled Tower 2

I was contacted by a very good client of mine that does these spectacular birthday parties for her kids.  Every time I have made a cake for her, it has been something with details and I love that.  This year for her little girl's party she wanted a Tangled Tower, but not just any tower, she wanted something with details.  She showed me a picture of what she wanted and asked me if I could do it and I said, heck yeah!  I had already made a similar cake, but the tower was all RTK, very simple in comparison.   This time the tower was more similar to the one of the movie and the top was a 6 inch cake that not only had to be decorated in detail, but had to be transported without falling off.  I'm happy that I have seen quite enough TV shows where I've learned to construct sturdy bases.  So I went to work with the help of my hubby and created this beautiful cake.  I enjoyed every minute of making it. When my client came to pick it up I just enjoyed her smile and how she said it was so beautiful!  Yey! She was putting on the little figurines at the party and will send me pictures of her little ones celebration. Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bumble Bee Shower Cake and Goodies

I was thrilled when this client asked me to make her baby shower cake and dessert table goodies.  When she told me her theme and color scheme, I got even more excited!  She sent me some pictures of things she would like and we agreed on what to do.  The bumble bees are made of fondant and painted with food color paint.  Daisies are also made of fondant with a little tylose for stability.  The cake is made out of a 10 , 8, 6 and 4 inch pans that I carved to make look roundish and then put dulce de leche in between layers and buttercream.  I must say that I was happy with how it turned out and so was the client.  I also made fudge cake pops, marshmallow covered in white chocolate with sprinkled sugar, butter cookies in shapes of bees flowers and behives, and last but not least, mint chocoloate covered oreos.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shoe Cake

     made this cake for clients that I absolutely love to work with.  A cake is a very important thing for them when it comes to celebrating.  I went back and forth with the client choosing colors, style and ideas.  she sent me a picture of a designer shoe she loved and I said I would try to replicate it out of sugar.  The shoe had crystals so I made gum paste swatches with different edible finishes that were similar to the bling on the shoe.  To make this story short, the client loved it when she saw it and I was ecstatic!  The bottom layer is red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the top is my moist guava cake


Coca Cola Classic Cake

OMG!  Did I have a blast making this or what? The client wanted to surprise his girlfriend's mother that happens to love coke.  He challenged me by saying that he wanted me to make him a cake in the shape of a Coca Cola bottle and I said" "heck yeah".  I love, love to make 3D structures out of cake.  Let me tell you, this cake was carved out of 5 6 inch cakes that were carved into the bottle and the peak was RTK all covered in fondant.   In the picture the cake looks small, but in reality it was 17 inches tall.  When the client came to pick it up he said he didn't think it would turn out to be as big as it was.  I was truly happy the way it turned out.  the flavor was Leelee's Specialty rum cake with dulce de leche filling.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was so thrilled when I was asked to make this cake. The client had an idea of what she wanted and sent me several pictures of which she wanted separate elements from.  I really don't know much about Pokemon, but when I have a cake to do of something that is very popular and I don't know much about it, I do some research.  Did you know that there's a gazillion Pokemon characters?  I feel bad for the parents that would have to purchase all of these for their little one's collection.  It should truly cost a fortune! lol!  Anyway, I made the little characters out of MMF with Tylose. The client wanted the child's name in Pokemon font, so I downloaded the font  and created it then in photoshop to give it a little twist and cut letters out in yellow and then in a deeper blue.  I was happy with the result.  The ball is made out of yummy Leelee's specialty vanilla with dulce de leche filling as well as the bottom cake,   I also made cookies for this client. Her hubby came to pick up the cake and he looked really worried.  I asked if he liked the cake and he said: "OH, yes, I'm just concerned that it will arrive in one piece".  I assured hime that if he drove safely there would not be any problems. He smiled and left.


Tinkerbell (another one)

To me this cakes as many times as I have done it, does not get old.  I love the colors!  This one was a bit larger than the other one's I've done lately, but in the same colors.  The client wanted it to look very girly!
Everything, but the Tinkerbell (candle) is edible. The flavor is Leelee's Vanilla specialty.

Mickey's Playhouse Cake (Another one)

Ok, so you may be thinking: "hello!  you've posted that cake several times before! Give us something new!"  It's a bit different than the other ones I've made, I promise.  Hey, it is a popular cake right now and if a client wants it, what am I to do?  I think I can do this cake with my eyes closed. lol!  It's always fun to see the clients face when they actually pick their cake up.  It doesn't get old for me.  Although it is something I've done again and again, for each client, it's something new and wonderful and just what they wanted.
 The flavor of this cake is Dominican with MMF.  Thanks for looking!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arabian Night Quince Cake

This client is the niece of a very dear friend of mine since high  school.  She wanted to make a cake for her little sister that was turning 15 and was worried because she had to drive the cake from Miami to Fort Myers.  I would say it is a good 3 hour drive from where I live.  The cake was intricate in it's design.  The top and bottom layers are six inches high and the middle layer is 4 inches high.  The flavor is marble with vanilla bean buttercream filling.  The number is made of equal parts of fondant and gumpaste and molded by hand.  the swirls are made of royal icing and gilded in edible 24 Karat gold. I made sure that the cake was sturdy enough for the ride reinforcing it with wooden dowel rods. I loved the colors the client selected" a deep purple, a pretty electric blue, and a fuchsia.  The cake had shimmer on it, but you can't really see it in the picture. I helped place the cake in the car at 7 am Saturday morning and literally prayed that it would make it in one piece.  I have not heard from the client yet, but believe everything went well.

Organic, Chevron Baby Shower Cake

So I get a call from this lovely young lady telling me that she wanted me to make her sister's baby shower cake, I immediately said yes because I had made her sister's wedding cake too and I just love this amazing family.  I had received an invitation to the shower, so in my head I thought the cake would look similar to the invitation.  I was blown away in a good way when I saw the design of the cake.  Apparently it had nothing to do with the theme, only the colors selected were the same as in the invitation, but me being an artist and knowing that all of them are too, I knew that they had something up their sleeves and it was going to be fun to see.  The design of this cake looks so easy, but let me tell you, it was a challenge, because I do things in a very free form way, without rulers or measurements. I just eyeball things and that's it. Having said this, if it doesn't look right I will do it again until it does.  I am a perfectionist by nature and this gets me in trouble.  Anyway, I wasn't going to be able to be free in this case at all.  Thank God I had  good grades in geometry! Surprisingly the only "number" subject I actually liked in high school.  I did some measurements and calculations and got the chevrons evenly spaced up and down and all around!  The client came by to pick it up and loved it. I showed her some cake bases to put the cake on and she chose the same one I had thought of.    A couple of hours later I arrived at the venue where the shower was held and absolutely loved all of the details of the decor, the beautiful colors and the organic feel to it all.  When I took a look at the cake, I said: "I knew it!" They had decorated the cake with some organic materials and added a nest on top as if they were saying that it would soon be filled with the precious baby!  Hey, this is art, people!  It was like looking at a painting and interpreting what the artist was saying with his creation.  Just like their wonderful wedding, this shower was filled with lots of love.  I enjoyed seeing the dessert table with the goodies that the future grandmother made.  She made choco oreos and cake pops in blue and yellow.  Beautiful!  You could feel the warmth in the place.
Anyway, my cake was Leelee's specialty vanilla cake with nutella filling.  Some people at the shower asked me for my number and said that not only was the cake beautiful e, but that it tasted delicious too.  Yey!!!!

Hello Kitty

This client found me I think on my FB Page or this blog, I'm not really sure.  She called me and asked me to make a cake for her exactly like a picture she sent me.  This design is somebody else's and I just replicated it. I normally like doing things a bit different to personalize my work, but this customer wanted tan exact replica, so much so that she asked me if that would be a problem for me. I said no because truly the cake was very simple to make.  It was a pretty cake so I did not mind replicating it.  The flavor of this cake is Leelee's Vanilla with dulce de leche filling.  Yum!!!!  When the client came she really took a look at the cake and said: "Perfect".  I really wasn't worried because it looked exactly like the picture. 

Tinkerbell Cake, Cookies, and Cupcakes

I love making goodies for this client.  She reminds me so much of me when my girls were little.  Their birthdays, even if they were small celebrations, had to be detailed.  She is a scrapbooker like me so she is into little details which I love.  She wanted Tinkerbell cookies that had Tinkerbell on them and offered to lend me her Tinkerbell Cricut Cartdrige for me to use with my Cricut Cake.  Let me tell you, it was a royal pain in the butt to cut them.  Easier said than done, but I was so determined to make my friend happy, and me being as stubborn as I am, that I tried and tried until I got it! The only thing was getting Tink's eyes right without her looking like she was demon possessed, so I had to use my handy dandy edible markers that I only use for details.  Don't really like the painted look, I prefer to piece things with the colored fondant because it looks more professional, but for something as small as this it really worked.  Tinkerbell looked like herself, no exorcism required, lol!  The cake was a small 6x6 cake for the birthday girl, 24 cupcakes decorated as a garden with flowers, and the infamous cookies that came out so pretty.  When my friend picked up her baked goodies, her face lit up!  She knew her precious little girl would be happy!  Yey, love happy endings!
The Cake

The Cupcakes

The Cookies