Monday, October 15, 2012

Jungle cake

This client went to a party and saw a cake I made and contacted me. She was very specific on what she wanted: a cake covered in chocolate buttercream with something on top that looked like dirt and leaves all around the sides. She had in mind placing little animals and a beautiful bunting that was personalized for her little boy. The flavor of the cake was vanilla bean with dulce de leche filling, and the milk chocolate buttercream covering the cake. Yes, the combo was awesome! I love how rustic and cute it came out.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Game of Thrones cake

The client was surprising her boyfiend with a Game of Thrones party for his birthday. She went all out with banners, costumes and an amazing cake.  The cake is completely edible.  The swords were made out of fondant with gumpasta then painted with edible silver and distressed on the handle.  I hand cut the symbols and castles placed on the borders. The flavor was vanilla bean with peanut butter nutella filling.  When the client picked up the cake, she absolutely loved it.


PInk Gift box and Lingerie Cake

I made this cake for a lingerie party.  I think this client found me online and called me, or maybe she went to a party and saw one of my cakes.  Honestly, I don't remeber, lol! All I know is that she loved it very much and I enjoyed making it.  The cake is vanilla with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting covered in fondant.  The actual corset is fondant with a bit of tylose for consistency.