Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jungle Cake and Cupcakes

I was so happy when I was asked to make this cake and cupcakes f'or this precious little boy's 2nd birthday.  I had the priviledge in of making his mommy's shower goodies when she was pregnant with him. You can see the post here: Owl Cupcakes and Cookies.  The cake was an 8x8x4 inches, vanilla flavor with vanilla buttercream filling. The cupcakes were the same flavor.  I loved making the little animal faces out of fondant.

Liam enjoying his cupcake

Liam with mommy and daddy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Romantic Wedding Cake

This four tier wedding cake was a delight to make.  The flowers are all made out of gumpaste in different shades of old rose.  It was a very simple cake, but that took a while to make because of the details in piping it had.  I thought my arm would fall off from piping so many dots. It was all worth it though because it turned out beautiful.
Video of cake



Love and Peace Cake and Goodies

I am so behind on posting so today that I have the time I will try to get up to date.  It was our great niece's birthday and she wanted her theme to be Love and Peace and very retro.  Her mommy showed me some pictures of things, but gave me the total creative freedom.

 For the cake I decided to make a little flower groovy chic girl that resembled the birthday girl. It was a two tiered cake. The top tier I decorated in tie dye and I made peace symbols out of fondant.  The botom tier was white and I made colorful flowers and with black edible ink I made peace signs to the middle of the flower. Made some cute colorgful hearts that I placed on wire to give the cake some intrest, and to finish it off I created little tie dye balls to add a border.  The cake's flavor was a yummy moist vanilla cake with guava filling.  Delicious!

 I also made a banner out of coordinating scrapbook paper for the table that we ended up placing on the table itself becuase the wall at the venue was textured.  In the picture above I placed the banner above at home .
 I had a blast making these push-pops. At first I was goingl to make white cake and color them in different shades, then Idecided that I would just color the icing.  These were pina colada flavor. They were a hit!
How cute are these Oreo pops? Next time I will buy the double filled Oreos.  You live and you learn.  I had a hard time making them stay because they didn't have enough filling for the papaer staw I was using, but with a little more elbow grease that I anticipated, they turned out just fine.  I covered them in milk chocolate and decorated them with some heart and flower cutouts I had previously created out of fondant.  I absolutely loved how they turned out!  The kids and adults enjoyed these a lot! 

Close up of the cake!

These cookies were adorable and tasted even better. They are moist butter cookies with Lemon chiffon flavor.  these were 3 inch cookies, so they were pretty large! Again, everyone enjoyed them

The cupcakes were of the same flavor of the cake and these had elements that matched the theme to decorate them, heart fondant cutouts and sugar peace signs!

 These are regular marshmallows that I dipped in chocolate melts flavored as followes, yellow-lemon, green-apple, orange-orange, and blue-blueberry!  Did anyone say delicious?!!!

This is our beautiful great niece enjoying her dessert table and party on a nice summer day!