Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snow White Cake and Cookies

Totally enjoyed making this cake for a returning client. This cake is a replica of something I saw online.  I loved the tapered top tier becuase it gives the illusion of the bodice of Snow's dress, so I carved the cake to give it that shape. I also loved the golden swirls around the top and the golden buttons becuase it makes it feel very regal. Although not a Leelee's original, I did add my personal touch, such as the difference of the skirt as well as the bow which I preferred standing upright,  and the addition on the childlike Snow White which I designed from the invitation the client sent me. 
The birthday girl looks like Snow White because she has very fair skin and raven like hair.  So the sugar figurine can be this precious little girl. 
The flavor for the cake was Marble with Nutella.  I also made 100 butter cookies in the shape of castles with the Snow White colors and little blue birds.


A Trip To China Cake and Sweets

I am happy to say that this cake turned out beautifully despite the horror I encountered while delivering it and having to literally redue the three bottom tiers becuase the bottom tier decided to collapse a corner away from the venue making the others crack. Im not gonna lie, I went into panic mode, all I could think was that the quinceanera's cake was ruined. After I composed myself and driving Ignacio and Lauren, crazy, I called Miles Cakes that was 15 minutes away and asked if I could go there to repair the cake. I was shaking like a leaf and I guess they heard the despair in my voice and said yes. I am so grateful for the owner Adriana for not only allowing me to go to her shop to fix my cake, but for actually leaving her house and coming to help me. I had Iggie deliver the goodies and let the client know I'd be late with the cake and explained what had happened. The cake was repaired and we went and delivered it. As I was taking it into the venue all you could hear was," omg, that's huge!" and " Is that a cake?" all the guests were arriving dressed beautifully and I looked like death all nasty and sweaty. I felt such a sense of relief once that cake was placed on the table. I never knew how it felt to have a cake disaster until this day. The client was very understanding and  happy with how the cake had turned out and that is what mattered most. I will be forever grateful to Adriana, the owner of Miles for her help and to Ignacio and Lala for their patience and encouragement in the midst of it all.
The cake was delivered to The beautiful Redlands Koi Gardens.  The place was absolutely breath taking.  I felt as if I was walking into Mulan's story. The Quinceanera wanted to make her celebration a "Trip to China" and that's was the cake in the shape of the luggage meant. All the guests were dressed in beautiful Asian attire. The flavor for the cake was yummy moist red velvet with cream cheese buttercream filling and vanilla with vanilla buttercream filling. The chinese take-out box on the side of the board where the cake is was made out of rice crispies treats covered in white chocolate and then fondant, and I hand painted the motif . The decals on the luggage were images I found online and had them printed on rice paper.  I also made other goodies like, butter cookies in the shape of take out boxes(this was fun because the birthday girl and her friend came over and actually covered the cookies and painted the motif on them), Oreo covered cookies with the nunber 15 in chinese, edible gold covered milk covered bonbons, and chocolate ganache chinese lantern cake pops.
First Cake before the collapse

 Repaired Cake

 The beautiful Cake
 Take-Out box cookies (all painted by the b-day girl. I made a sample and she went to town decorating all those cookies)
 Golden melt in your mouth milk chocolate bonbons

Chocolate covered Oreos with golden number 15 in chinese

Chocolate Ganache Chinese lantern cake pops

The Quinceanera's Beautiful mother

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Super Mario Brothers Cake

I had been wanting for the longest time to make a Super Mario Brothers cake and I got the opportunity this week.  One of the things I love to do the most is modeling figurines so this was my favorite cake of the week. It is a Leelee's vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling.  The tiers are a 10x4 and an an 8x4. I am grateful for the clients that keep coming back over and over again and trust and admire my cakes not only for the excellence in which they are made, but also the flavor.  I made this little boys birthday cake last year too. The theme was Batman. I hope he enjoys his cake this year as much as the one last year!



Minnie cake and cupcakes red,

Always a challenge to work with red and black fondant without it looking ugly.  The most hardest colors to make!  I truly loved how this cake turned out. The client had gone to a party of another client of mine and contacted me and asked if I could make her little girls cake and cupcakes and I was happy to actually make a Minnie cake with her traditional colors. The bottom tier is a 10 inches by 5 inches high marble loaf with vanilla bean buttercream filling, the middle tier is an 8 in by 5 inches high vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling, and the Minnie hat is a Chocolate loaf with cookies and cream filling. I also made cupcakes decorated with the hat and a bow, half were chocolate and half vanilla.  I loved, loved making this cake.

Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes

Loved making this cake and cupcakes for this client that found me online when she was googling for Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes.  The flavor is red velvet with cream cheese buttercream.

Tous Cake

This client is an old friend of mine that I had not seen in a while, but had kept up with on Facebook.  It really was great seeing her again. She contacted me with a specific request of a Tous Bear Charm on top of a cake in pink and brown. 
The flavor is Leelee's Vanilla bean with dulce de leche filling.

Fresh Beat Band Cake

Love making cakes for this client.  She like me, believes that the centerpiece of a great party is an amazing cake.  I had never heard of the Fresh Beat Band so she sent me pictures and I did some research as well and came up with this design.  All the elements on this cake are edible.  The drum is a 4 inch cake.  The flavor was marble with buttercream filling.