Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snow White Cake and Cookies

Totally enjoyed making this cake for a returning client. This cake is a replica of something I saw online.  I loved the tapered top tier becuase it gives the illusion of the bodice of Snow's dress, so I carved the cake to give it that shape. I also loved the golden swirls around the top and the golden buttons becuase it makes it feel very regal. Although not a Leelee's original, I did add my personal touch, such as the difference of the skirt as well as the bow which I preferred standing upright,  and the addition on the childlike Snow White which I designed from the invitation the client sent me. 
The birthday girl looks like Snow White because she has very fair skin and raven like hair.  So the sugar figurine can be this precious little girl. 
The flavor for the cake was Marble with Nutella.  I also made 100 butter cookies in the shape of castles with the Snow White colors and little blue birds.


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