Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monkey Cake and Goodies

Well, before I start telling you about the cake stuff, I just  wanted to share that I had a really hard week. There were things that simply pulled me in every direction.  It truly was an emotionally exhausting week for me.  The stress wasn't about cakes and cookies, but everything else; work, time, emotions, people, sleeplessness, and health.  The only thing I could do which should have been the first was crying out to God to help me with the madness and mayhem, and He did. All this to say that the only thing besides depending on God to grant me peace and serenity was actually looking forward to baking and decorating for this client.  Decorating the banana cookies and the monkey cookie faces were truly therapeutic, but even more so was making the monkey pops. It may not seem so, but each and every single pop had several steps and components that kept my mind occupied for several hours.  Oh how I love to do this!  I thank God for this creative outlet that not only blesses me in many ways, but it also blesses the lives of others.

Ok, now to what this blog is truly about, edible art!  To me it is such a delight to work for clients that know what they want.  Last year I had the pleasure of making this client son's Little Monster 1st birthday cake and goodies. Now he was turning two and although she was doing something small in comparison to the previous year, she still wanted nice looking elements and a specific cake design to make her little boy's day special, and I was happy to oblige. She sent me pictures of what she wanted and a cake that if I'm not mistaken is a  Martha Stewart design that I replicated. The cake was Chocolate with banana cream filling, frosted in milk chocolate buttercream. Cookies were vanilla flavor.  The cake pops were brownie with chocolate fudge cream and covered in milk chocolate.

How she set up the table.  Love the simplicity and colors!

Happy chocolate and banana cream Monkey cake
Vanilla flavor banana sugar cookies
Adorable monkey sugar cookies that were given as party favors
Brownie Monkey cake pops

Thank you for looking!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easter Cake

I can actually say that I am blessed beyond measure because God has placed me and my family in a church that really gets it!  On a monthly basis we have a meeting which is called "staff worship" and that is what it is,  all of the CF staff from all 6 campuses coming together to worship our Lord and to be reminded of who we serve, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It's about understanding that we all have a mission which is to reach the lost no matter where they are. It's not about council meetings and hours and hours trying to reinvent the wheel. It's as simple as doing what the gospel tells us to do and do it with a sense of urgency.  It's about reaching our community not as Christ Fellowship, the church, but as the body, as Christians being obedient of the Great Commission which is to go outside of our walls and boldly preach the gospel to everyone everywhere.
I made this cake for today meeting.  It was a sheet cake measuring 18x24 and could feed 100 people.  The flavor was vanilla with vanilla bean buttercream.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Festive Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my church, Christ Fellowship - West Kendall Campus.  We also made a whole lot of cake pops to celebrate CFWK 4th year of existence at that campus!   The topper of the cake is Christ Fellowship's Logo.  I absolutely love my church for many reasons, one of the many reasons is that it is a church that is volunteer driven and it's all about reaching the community's spiritual need by meeting it's physical and emotional need without a lot of frills, just hardcore serving. In the time that I have been attending I have seen how God has blessed this church in a powerful way.   I am so thankful to God for placing our family at CF at the moment that He did.