Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cigar Box Cake grooms cake

I made this cake for my friend's wedding as a grooms cake for her husband to be. The flavor is Leelee's Vanilla Specialty.  A little note about this cake:  Some people actually thought this was a real cigar box because it was placed on a table that had cigars that at some point during the reception, the men that wanted, could go and smoke with the groom.  I stopped a gentleman that was about to try to open it and I told him not to do that because it wasn't real, that it was cake. He just looked at me funny and walked away.  Then, at the end of the reception, the grooms father went at it too, but I couldn't stop him and he did break the little lock, it was hilarious because he had a puzzled look on his face and my friend, the bride, told him it wasn't a real box, but a cake. The happy couple absolutely loved  and enjoyed it and this really made me happy as well!

Wall-E Cake

I really truly enjoyed making this cake!  It's 99% edible! WallE's head, neck, arms and wheels are all made of RKT covered in MMF.  His body consists of 4 2 inch layes of marble cake with vanilla bean filling. I could have made him look more like a hunk of metal but it was for a little girl's  birthday and I wanted him to look kind of whimsical.  I love the expression of his eyes!

Mickey's Playhouse 2

I had already made this cake before.  This is a smaller version of it.  Head, foot and hand are all RKT and the cake itself is a marble cake. The characters are not edilble. this is an 8x8 square cakewith vanilla bean filling inside.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Elmo 3D Cake

 Elmo is sitting on a 14x14 square cake.    Elmo's head and arms are made of RCT (rice cereal treats) his eyes and nose are made of MMF.  His fur is made of royal icing colored red. The flavor is Leelee's Vanilla Specialty.  Covered in vanilla bean buttercream then topped with MMF.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Electric Guitar Cake

This is a life size guitar cake made for a teenager turning 18.  The guitar was carved out of a 18x13 sheet cake and a 10x 10 square.  Details are made out of MMF colored in silver and gold.  I added nylon fishing line for the strings.  When the client came by to pick it up, she was worried on how to put in the car because with the board it did't fit in the trunk of the car.  We ended up putting it in the back seat of the car.  For a white there we did'nt think it would fit.

First Communion Cake

I was asked to make an all white cake for a 1st communion.  The person who ordered it wanted something super simple but elegant.  The invitation had dainty flowers with swirls so I took that as the inspiration.
The cross on top is made out of gumpaste and royal icing with little edible pearls.  The dove on top of the cross and the flowers are also made of gumpaste.  The swirls around the cake are made with royal icing.  Flavor is Leelee's vanilla specialty with MMF.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nikon Camera Cake

One of the novelty cakes that I have made that has given me the most joy is this cake.  Why?  Because I love cameras and I happen to have a Nikon D40X, not to mention the intricacy of carving this cake and getting the right shape, I've always enjoyed a challenge!  When I was asked by a good friend of mine if I could do a Nikon DX for her sister that was turning 18, a photographer,  I said... Heck Yeah!!!!!! There are a couple of things I would do different, but overall I am very happy with how it turned out.  I love decorating cakes, but there is something about making  cakes to look like something else that really gives me the most joy! I guess because it brings out my inner artist!

Flavor: Vanilla pound Cake layered with Dulce de Leche, covered in vanilla buttercream and MMF.  This cake is completely edible! Except for the cardboard, of course, lol!!!

Miami Hurricanes Cap Cake

My husband turned 43 and I was thinking of something nice to make him for his birthday.  Originally I was going to make him an Indiana Jones hat and wip, but after thinking about it, it really didn't excite me. I love vivid colors and working with dull colors for his birthday wasn't something I wanted to do. I asked him what did he want for his birthday cake that wasn't just a round or square cake, and he said something UM (he is a huge Hurricanes fan).  At first I thought I would make a helmet, but when I realized how much time I had, it wouldn't allow me to make the mask part and have it dry to assemble.  So I decided to make him a cap.  I was very pleased with how well it came out!  When he saw it he said to me: "Leelee, eres una bestia" which means: "Leelee, you are a beast", trust me in Spanish that is a very good thing, at least here in Miami, lol!
The flavor was Leelee's Specialty Rum cake layered with hazelnut cream!  He loved it and I was happy!  Seeing the expression on his face was priceless!

Shopping Bag Cake

My mother-in-law is a shopaholic!  She know who's having a sale, at what time it's starting, and what they have, so I decided to make her a shopping bag with tissue paper from her favorite place to shop.  The flavor was a lemon chiffon cake layers with butter pecan frosting!  To die for!  When she saw the cake she could not believe it was cake.  When it came time to cut it, she really didn't want to. To make this cake I made two 8x3 inch cakes that I divided in half each.  I inserted two dowel rods to stabilize it.  This Novelty cake was fun to do!

psychedelic Cookie Cake

The person who ordered this cake has three little girls. She was celebrating the girls baptism on Easter Sunday.  Her invitations had three different flowers representing how unique each girl is.  The mom asked if I could replicate in cookie the three flowers she used for the invites.  She ordered a buttercream covered sheet cake and really, the only decoration it had was the cookies and some random flowers I placed on the borders.  The cookies are butter cookies covered in royal icing and glitter sugar.  When the mom picked up the cake she said t that that was exactly what she wanted.

Art that was sent to me to make the cookies