Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nikon Camera Cake

One of the novelty cakes that I have made that has given me the most joy is this cake.  Why?  Because I love cameras and I happen to have a Nikon D40X, not to mention the intricacy of carving this cake and getting the right shape, I've always enjoyed a challenge!  When I was asked by a good friend of mine if I could do a Nikon DX for her sister that was turning 18, a photographer,  I said... Heck Yeah!!!!!! There are a couple of things I would do different, but overall I am very happy with how it turned out.  I love decorating cakes, but there is something about making  cakes to look like something else that really gives me the most joy! I guess because it brings out my inner artist!

Flavor: Vanilla pound Cake layered with Dulce de Leche, covered in vanilla buttercream and MMF.  This cake is completely edible! Except for the cardboard, of course, lol!!!


  1. Esto si que esta bestial... te ganastes el premio... waooo..

  2. Wow! Amazing camera cake, it really looks like the real deal... par excellence!

    You are a real artist!

  3. Thank you so much lily! I feel honored <3