Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Birthday Cake

Hello friends!  Its been a while since I've posted anything.  I needed to take some time off becuase of changes in my life that I needed to adjust to.  Cake baking, decorating and designing come from the creative part of me and that part of me had shut down and needed a sabatical in order for the rest of me not to break down.  It sounds complicated I know, but that's me, a very complicated person at times.  Well, enough of me!

My sister Mayra was planning a surprise party for our sister Cheryl that was turning 50, mind you, they live up in Rhode Island, and I live down in Florida, even lower in the map, Miami to be exact.  So Mayra was getting creative as to what theme to pick. After going back and forth she decided that a Fall theme was appropriate and asked me to do a cake with that theme. When the time came I packed up my utensils and flew in on a Wednesday with my oldest daughter Ashley and hid in Mayra's house until Saturday for Cheryl's party, if she had seen me she would have known for sure that we were planning something.

Mayra and I went shopping for the ingredients and I bought a flour I had never used before, but figured it didn't make a difference. What a nightmare!!!!! OMG! The cake burnt on the outside and was uncooked in the middle. We thought it was the oven, so we went out and bought an oven thermometer and yes, the oven was a bit off so I made another batch and the same thing happened AGAIN!!!! At this point I'm about to cry, so Mayra says: "what if it's the flour? I have some flour in the cupboard, try it, and can't be any worse." So, guess what? It was the flour and I could breath again.  I can laugh now, but the stress! the birthday girl had a blast at her party and danced the night away and loved her cake.

The cake was huge, the bottom tier was a 10, then an 8 and top a 6 inch. The bottom tier was 6 inches high and the other two top tiers were 5 inches high each.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

umizoomi Cake

Ok, I never had heard of these characters in my life. I guess because my girls are in their twenties so I'm not into all the new cartoons and new characters, so when I was asked to make a cake of them I had to do a bit of research.  This was for a friends little boy. flavors vanilla and red velvet.

Pink and Pearls Birthday Cake

I would love to say that this cake was an original Leelee's Cake-abilities design, but it is not.  It actually is a celebrity cake created by Devine Designs and I replicated with a few minor details by the request of a very faithful client of mine.  She always has fabulous birthday cakes created by me. She knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it and until now I have not disappointed her. The flavor was bottom tier red velvet and the top tier, vanilla.  When she picked up the cake she was so happy.

Animal Print Birthday Cake

It was my great friend's 50th birthday and I wanted to make a fun cake, but sophisticated cake that described her.  This is what I came out with.  She absolutely loved it and I was extremely happy that she did.  The flavor was pina colada.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jungle Cake and Cupcakes

I was so happy when I was asked to make this cake and cupcakes f'or this precious little boy's 2nd birthday.  I had the priviledge in of making his mommy's shower goodies when she was pregnant with him. You can see the post here: Owl Cupcakes and Cookies.  The cake was an 8x8x4 inches, vanilla flavor with vanilla buttercream filling. The cupcakes were the same flavor.  I loved making the little animal faces out of fondant.

Liam enjoying his cupcake

Liam with mommy and daddy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Romantic Wedding Cake

This four tier wedding cake was a delight to make.  The flowers are all made out of gumpaste in different shades of old rose.  It was a very simple cake, but that took a while to make because of the details in piping it had.  I thought my arm would fall off from piping so many dots. It was all worth it though because it turned out beautiful.
Video of cake



Love and Peace Cake and Goodies

I am so behind on posting so today that I have the time I will try to get up to date.  It was our great niece's birthday and she wanted her theme to be Love and Peace and very retro.  Her mommy showed me some pictures of things, but gave me the total creative freedom.

 For the cake I decided to make a little flower groovy chic girl that resembled the birthday girl. It was a two tiered cake. The top tier I decorated in tie dye and I made peace symbols out of fondant.  The botom tier was white and I made colorful flowers and with black edible ink I made peace signs to the middle of the flower. Made some cute colorgful hearts that I placed on wire to give the cake some intrest, and to finish it off I created little tie dye balls to add a border.  The cake's flavor was a yummy moist vanilla cake with guava filling.  Delicious!

 I also made a banner out of coordinating scrapbook paper for the table that we ended up placing on the table itself becuase the wall at the venue was textured.  In the picture above I placed the banner above at home .
 I had a blast making these push-pops. At first I was goingl to make white cake and color them in different shades, then Idecided that I would just color the icing.  These were pina colada flavor. They were a hit!
How cute are these Oreo pops? Next time I will buy the double filled Oreos.  You live and you learn.  I had a hard time making them stay because they didn't have enough filling for the papaer staw I was using, but with a little more elbow grease that I anticipated, they turned out just fine.  I covered them in milk chocolate and decorated them with some heart and flower cutouts I had previously created out of fondant.  I absolutely loved how they turned out!  The kids and adults enjoyed these a lot! 

Close up of the cake!

These cookies were adorable and tasted even better. They are moist butter cookies with Lemon chiffon flavor.  these were 3 inch cookies, so they were pretty large! Again, everyone enjoyed them

The cupcakes were of the same flavor of the cake and these had elements that matched the theme to decorate them, heart fondant cutouts and sugar peace signs!

 These are regular marshmallows that I dipped in chocolate melts flavored as followes, yellow-lemon, green-apple, orange-orange, and blue-blueberry!  Did anyone say delicious?!!!

This is our beautiful great niece enjoying her dessert table and party on a nice summer day!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Buttercream Bloom Cupcakes

These  were made with all organic ingredients.  Even the liners were organic. I loved how they cake out.  They were made for a shower.  The flavor is citrus and vanilla.  Delicious!!!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

This cake was also for a client that I have been making cakes for quite some time now.  When she told me about what she wanted I got really excited becuase it was a fun carved cake.  Love it!  This was a big cake and I am proud to say that although it was carved, none of the carving was wasted. I was able to use every piece of the cake to build the boat.  Normally when you carve a cake you end up not using the scraps that are cut off, the good news is that you can use those scraps to make cake balls or pops.  The figurines are made out of fondant with tylose and are edible. The flavor of the cake is Leelee's specialty vanilla cake and vanilla bean buttercream.


Toy Story Cake

Ok, so it took me for ever to actually update my blog.  I seem to have less time these days, or maybe it's that I'm just getting slower with age, which it's ok, I guess.  I made this cake for a client that I have been doing cakes for her beautiful kids for quite some time now, (strawberry shortcake,  Boy Christening CakePrincess cake, Pooh and friends Hunny pot and under the sea).  Her favorite flavor is almond loaf with cookies and cream buttercream.  My preference in cakes is always colorful, with lots of elements, but clean.  I don't like clutter and every element on the cake has a reason for placement. The client was happy yet one more time and I was really happy. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Deep Bue Sea Cake

I was so excited to be able to once again make the cake and goodies for this client.  She goes all out for her kids' birthday parties.  I have had the priviledge of making sweets for  her older son's first, second, and third birthdays,then her 2nd child's baby shower and now his first birthday.  She is so creative and has such attention to details.  Every party is a production worthy of being featured in a magazine. I am always eager to see the amazing things she comes up with to make her children's parties a unique and fun one for everyone invited!  This cake is really a replica of a picture she sent me. I don't know who made this orginally, but I love the concept. I had done something similar to this for a nautical party I had for Valentines.  The cake is al vanilla. The top layer is filled with a nutella filling and the bottom is guava. Talk about yummy!!!!!


Care Bears Cake

It's incredible how things really come back!   The Care Bears were a rage back in the 80's when they first started.  I remember having a t-shirt as a teen.  I loved them as well as My Little ponies and other cute cartoons of the time.  When my client asked me to make a cake with this theme I was like, "The Care Bears? The ones with the picture on their bellies? Wow!"  She sent me a picture of a cake that had these little furry creatures on them, and although the cake was nice and the bears cute, they did not look like the actual Care Bears, so I made it my mission to have mine resemble the real ones as much as possible and I think I succeeded!  I had a blast making them.  I find myself falling in love with modeling figurines. This cake is my moist Leelee's vanillabean cake with a refreshing citrus buttercream filling and covering, then topped with marshmallow fondant.  Every single element on this cake is edible with the exception on the wire holding the clouds and hearts, obviously.  Hopefully I get more orders of retro characters.