Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Birthday Cake

Hello friends!  Its been a while since I've posted anything.  I needed to take some time off becuase of changes in my life that I needed to adjust to.  Cake baking, decorating and designing come from the creative part of me and that part of me had shut down and needed a sabatical in order for the rest of me not to break down.  It sounds complicated I know, but that's me, a very complicated person at times.  Well, enough of me!

My sister Mayra was planning a surprise party for our sister Cheryl that was turning 50, mind you, they live up in Rhode Island, and I live down in Florida, even lower in the map, Miami to be exact.  So Mayra was getting creative as to what theme to pick. After going back and forth she decided that a Fall theme was appropriate and asked me to do a cake with that theme. When the time came I packed up my utensils and flew in on a Wednesday with my oldest daughter Ashley and hid in Mayra's house until Saturday for Cheryl's party, if she had seen me she would have known for sure that we were planning something.

Mayra and I went shopping for the ingredients and I bought a flour I had never used before, but figured it didn't make a difference. What a nightmare!!!!! OMG! The cake burnt on the outside and was uncooked in the middle. We thought it was the oven, so we went out and bought an oven thermometer and yes, the oven was a bit off so I made another batch and the same thing happened AGAIN!!!! At this point I'm about to cry, so Mayra says: "what if it's the flour? I have some flour in the cupboard, try it, and can't be any worse." So, guess what? It was the flour and I could breath again.  I can laugh now, but the stress! the birthday girl had a blast at her party and danced the night away and loved her cake.

The cake was huge, the bottom tier was a 10, then an 8 and top a 6 inch. The bottom tier was 6 inches high and the other two top tiers were 5 inches high each.

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