Saturday, September 26, 2009

Train Baby Shower Cake

This cake was for about 20 people. The little train on top is made out of MMF that I added a bit of tylose to make it stiffer. the cake is chocolate and vanilla marble. the star buttons and letters are all made of MMF.

Train Centerpiece

I made four train centerpieces for a shower. I went looking for little train wooden shapes and the only one they had was red and didnt go with the color scheme so I did the next best thing, purchase them and paint them with acrylic paint. Now they look like they belong. Hurray for paint and brushes!

Things that remind me of you Cookie Bouquet

This cookie bouquet has an interesting story. The client asked me if I could make cookies for him without a particular theme, but of different things that described his relationship with his girlfriend (where she's from, favorite TV, shows, favorite video game, political party, things they argue about, comic books they read), I said, sure... So this is how this bouquet of cookies came to existence. It actually tells a story. I will never forget the clients face when he saw the cookies. He said, "she's gonna love it". It was funny because there is a cookie happy face with a bullet on it's head and I was mortified when I thought I had to make this cookie like that, but honestly, it was actually cool. I took a picture of some of the cookies. I also discovered that I have to purchase better quality paint brushes because painting with cheap ones is not a good thing.Bouquet of many random cookies


Panama Flag


Starbuck,s (really hard to paint something so small

Super Mario

Panda from a comic book

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blues Clues Cake and Cupcake - Magenta

This cake kept me so entertained! I loved making Magenta (Blue's sidekick) and all the details on the bottom tier. I took several pictures so that you can see the sides that you cannot see of the shot. In addition to the cake, the client also wanted some cupcakes with paw prints. I'm so inspired that I think I'll make some cookes, but not today!

King of the Jungle Cupcake tower

This was truly a very busy week! I had lots of cake orders and unfortunately I had to say no to people that I really wanted to bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies for. The truth is that in order to deliver quality work, I must dedicate the right amount of time for details. This is why I always say to everyone and have it posted on my web to please contact me at leaste 2 weeks in advance.

King of the Jungle- This cupcake tower was for a baby shower. The flavor is chocolate and vanilla marble cake with a hint of orange liquor with butter cream for the cupcakes and MMF for the actual cake (topper). The lion figurine and palm tree were made out of gumpaste that I made days in advance. I also made centerpieces for this party with the lion theme. The client was so happy when she saw them.I made seven of these centerpeices.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tiffany Cake

OK, I know I always say this, but... I had sooooooooo much fun making this cake!!!! I loved making the color (luckily I've kept Tiffany & Co. boxes from gifts my hubby's given me) for the fondant and all the intricate details to make this cake. Everything is made with MMF. The flavor is my specialty, Leelee's rum cake, with Dulce de Leche filling. I'm looking forward to the cakes I have to make next week.

Mini Cakes

I felt so honored! I was asked to make the mini cakes for my church's marriage vow renewal service. They were at total of 33 4 inch round mini cakes. I had to keep the decorations to a minimum because they were so many and I had so little time since I also had other cakes to bake as well. Luckily, I had the help of my oldest daughter Ashley that has mad skills. Normally the one who helps me is Lauren (also very talented), but she was busy.
The experience at church with my cakes was amazing! As the couples left the service there pictures were taken and then they proceeded to the reception area, there they signed a marriage certificate and they received there mini wedding cake (one per couple) with a drink. They were so happy to receive there cake. After tasting the cake they returned to ask if I had business cards, to the point that I ran out of the ones I had taken. Some people started to talk to me about upcoming events in there near future and assured me they would be calling me. I am so thankful to God for this opportunity. I love that I am able to pick and choose the things I want to do and I love it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On the Road Again Cake!

I made this cake for someone that wanted to give her husband something special for his birthday. He drives a white truck. So we both decided that it would have been a good idea to make him a cake with his big white truck. When the person who ordered the cake saw it, she gave me a hug! I wonder if that means she loved it?!!! Yes, she did and to me that brings such satisfaction. Anaother satisfied customer. I thank God every day for the gift of creativity!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Go Canes!!!

I made two of these cakes for Iggie to take to his co-workers at the University of Miami which he works at. Iggie forwarded me the actual emails sent from both campuses where e took the cakes and they really made me happy. The comments were amazing and best of all, my hubby is so proud of me!

Wedding Cake for a Good Friend

I made this wedding cake for a good friend of mine that I have known for over 20 years. A very simple , but elegant cake. She had a fall wedding.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

White with Red Wedding Cake

This cake was made for a very unique couple that I love dearly. The got married in December and pretty much they wanted a very simple, but classy cake. There initials are H and M - HAM. What a cute idea!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Make-Up Cake

My daughter helped me decorate this cake last night. I made it to take to an entrepreneur networking meeting (all women) that I will be going to tonight. It could have been nicer, but hey! It was last minute. My daughter Ashley made some of the components. You can tell she loves make-up!