Monday, January 23, 2012

All Star Sports Theme Cake and Goodies

My sister-in-law is having a baby boy and I helped her plan her baby shower.  She wanted a sports theme for her co-ed baby shower.  We got vases in the shape of soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and baseballs, and used those for centerpieces, each one with a onesie cookie and four different balls, decorated with . They looked super cute on each of the tables lined with blue tablecloths. I also used the balls for the dessert table for the red velvet cake pops and the marshmallows covered in dark chocolate with blue sprinkles which I covered in a brown tablecloth.  The cake was a hit!  People loved it.  It was Marble loaf with vanilla buttercream filling.  The elements were all made of gumpaste. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law loved their shower elements very much and I was happy to be part of making this day special for them.

Minnie Mouse Cake Fuchsia

OK, yes, I already posted a similar cake before, but this one was a bit smaller and honestly, because I had done it before, It came out nicer and cleaner.  Neatness is super important to me and I am my greatest critic. Let me tell you about this client... I absolutely love her!  Love her amazing and impeccable taste, the way she plans her events, and how she envisions what she wants to the last detail.  I love doing things for her and she always comes to me for her special events. Now about the cake...This cake is crazy... Not only s it fuchsia on the outside, but as you cut into it, it is of a lighter pink color too with vanilla frosting in the middle.  I also made Minnie pops for her, flavor vanilla buttercream. Guess what color inside?  Yes, pink as well.  I had a blast working on this.

Vintage Baby Shoe cake

A Client of mine referred me to her friend.  She wanted a simple yet classy cake for her shower.  Her colors were baby blue, and shades of beige.  We went back and forth on what to do until she told me to do what I thought worked, that she trusted me.  I came up with this, which was a combination of two cakes I had showed her.  She absolutely loved it and I was relieved, lol!  This is a 10x10 x 5  round cake. 3 vanilla torts with chocolate ganache filling.  The shoes and rattle are made out of gumpaste.  The rest is just regular marshmallow fondant.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Miami Heat White Jersey Cake

This is a chocolate cake.  The client was my daughter, Lauren. lol!  She ordered this cake from me for her friend's birthday. Her friend is a Heat's fan just like my daughter.  Her friend loved the cake.  The flavor was chocolate with buttercream. 

This is the black one I made a while back

Vintage Cake and pops

The bride wanted a very simplistic cake with a whimsical flower and cake pops.  I love how she had them displayed on an old desk with vintage props.

Snowflake Dessert Table

Christmas celebration at home this year was weird. I had decided that I wasn't going to do much. This created a problem with some family members to the point that I decided that to keep the peace and harmony of my family, I would this one last time go ahead and do something nice. I had everything at home so I didn't have to break the bank last minute. One thing is for sure, I refuse to spread myself so thin next year. I'm getting too darn old for so many things in one day! The day before I cooked, made desserts, and set the table and dessert table. I did as much as I could because I knew that for Christmas Eve I would not have enough time to finish everything. I told my husband to do a couple of things, such as heating the food at a certain time because I would be home late. I left that morning at 11 am to go rehearse (We had two Christmas Eve services that Ashley and I were part of the praise team). I got home at 9 pm and the food was cold. Our guests were all already there. At first, my reaction was anger, a desire to run away or kill my beloved husband for not doing what I had asked for. If I would have gone ahead and done what my heart wanted at that moment  I probably  would have looked like a mad  woman in need of a restraining jacket or would have gone to jail for murder... on Christmas Eve... due to cold food... crazy, I know, lol! . So I decided that it made more sense  to breath, take it easy, heat up the food and make the best of it. It was great having the Tabora's over,  They are like family so things didn't feel awkward at all., thank God!!! Everyone complemented the food and expressed how lovely everything looked.  Lauren, as usual, made everyone laugh with her crazy, sarcastic remarks and so did Christine.  Ashley was very quiet this evening because she was extremely tired because her and I were up and down and all around that day. At the end, when I sat down with everyone at the table, I had a blast. We all did. It turned out to be an amazing night after all!

Now about the stuff this blog is really about:
My Theme was Snowflakes, Red, Silver and White.  For the dessert table I made a Red velvet with creamcheese frosting and cupcakes.  I garnished them with little snowflakes I made out of Gumpaste. I also place Carmel and figs in the little shot glasses. I made eggnogg flavored cake balls covered in white chocolate Vanilla cookies in the shape of snowflakes and my famous Coconut flan.