Monday, January 23, 2012

Minnie Mouse Cake Fuchsia

OK, yes, I already posted a similar cake before, but this one was a bit smaller and honestly, because I had done it before, It came out nicer and cleaner.  Neatness is super important to me and I am my greatest critic. Let me tell you about this client... I absolutely love her!  Love her amazing and impeccable taste, the way she plans her events, and how she envisions what she wants to the last detail.  I love doing things for her and she always comes to me for her special events. Now about the cake...This cake is crazy... Not only s it fuchsia on the outside, but as you cut into it, it is of a lighter pink color too with vanilla frosting in the middle.  I also made Minnie pops for her, flavor vanilla buttercream. Guess what color inside?  Yes, pink as well.  I had a blast working on this.

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