Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sports Theme Baby Shower Cake

Fun, fun, fun cake to make! Pretty large cake, but I enjoyed every minute of the production of it.  Each tier is 3.5 inches high. The baseball, basketball, football, and bat are made of RKT and covered in fondant.  The cake flavor is Leelee's Specialty Rum cake, and it's covered in fondant.  All the elements in this cake are edible, but the wire holding up the stars. Thank you for looking!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Bees Shower cake and cupcakes

These are such  simple and uncomplicated cake and cupcakes.  I'd love to say it was my design, but no, the client showed me  pictures and asked me to replicate them,  the only thing different was that I added an "M" instead of a "1". 
Flavor Vanilla and chocolate covered in yummy Real buttercream frosting (I use real butter)
The bees, flowers and letter are make of tylose.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shades of Pink Butterfly Cake and Cookies

This is a mini replica of my Shades of Pink Butterfly cake, but this one was made for a 7 year old's birthday party, and instead of having three shades of pink in only has two. The cake is Leelee's Specialty rum cake with MMF, and the butterflies and number 7 are edible, made of gumpaste
The cookies lollipops are butter flavored and came out nice, even and golden making these cookies super moist.  They were placed in flower pots that I painted in two shades of pink and stamped with butterflies. I am pleased to say that I did this to a returning customer.   This is always a good thing. Thank you for looking!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cap and Diploma Grad Cake

This cake is a replica of a picture the customer sent me.  She told me she wanted it exactly as the picture with a few minor changes.  I am really satisfied with how it looks
Flavor: Leelee's Specialty Rum Cake
Cap and diploma are made of MMF and painted with edible gold and vodka

Lime Green and Fucshia Daisy Cupcake tower

This cupcake tower was such a fun thing to do!  I'm not really sure if this young lady found me through my blog, Facebook page or website, but one thing I do know, she knew what she wanted! She described with detail what she wanted to see as the centerpiece of her birthday celebration, and I am happy to say that when she came to pick it up she was satisfied and I was relieved.  I gave her a taste test of the cake, and she totally enjoyed the moistness of it combined with the cc buttercream.
I made the tower as well.  These are for sale and the price varies with the size of the tower
Flavor:  Super moist red velvet with Leelee's twist on cream cheese buttercream (to die for)
Top cake and cupcakes are all covered with the cream chease buttercream
Flowers are made of MMF.

8x8 Red Velvet cake covered in Cream Cheese buttercream
60 cupcakes
Cupcake tower - These are made upon request- price varies with size