Monday, March 21, 2011

Beauty Salon Girl Cake

This cake was made for a redhead that loves to be pampered at the beauty salon.  The cake is  Leelee's vanilla specialty flavor.   The lady and all of the elements are edible.  Did I mention I had a blast making this cake?  I did! I am attaching many pictures for you to appreciate the details.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Scuba Diver Cake

The client asked me if I could create a cake for her scuba diver boyfriend that pets sharks, yes sharks!!! Yikes! She mentioned several  elements she wanted on the cake: blond man with curly hair dressed in scuba gear, a diver's flag, a shark, marine life and for it to say "Happy 25th Birthday Brian".  She told me that as long as it had those elements that I could do what I wanted, so I did exactly that. When she picked it up, she was super happy with how it had turned out! Yey!  The diver, shark and flag are made out of tylose.  the coral and sea life, and the wood sign are made out of Marshmallow fondant. The water effect was made with piping gel tinted in turqouise.  The flavor was Leelee's Specialty Rum Flavor, covered in rum flavored buttercream and covered in MMF. Thanks for looking!

Baby in a Gift Box

I really loved how this cake turned out!  Love the baby's face! This is a three tier cake that serves 80 people.  The baby's head and lid are made of rice cereal treats.  I finally mastered a way without killing myself for the treats to come out completely smooth (my little secret). Flavor is Leelee's Specialty vanilla flavor and covered in vanilla bean buttercream and topped with Marshmallows fondant. The Mother to be was elated with how it turned out and I was delighted to have made her happy on her very special day!