Saturday, May 18, 2013

Under the Sea Cake

This cake is for another faithful client that I have been making cakes for her children for a while now.  Her little girls birthday is the Little Mermaid and she has an ornament that she is placing on top of the cake so that is why it is blank on top, but honestly, I love it just the way it is. It has such bright beautiful colors that it needs no more. 


Lion King Baby Cake

Isn't he so darn cute? I was so determined that the lion look like Simba that I think I got very close to it.  Trying to sharpen my modeling skills and I feel I'm getting beter at it. He's so cute. I also made paw cookies for this shower.  This is for another faithful client.  I had the blessing of making her first baby's shower cake and cookies in the Zoo Crew Theme, then her baby's first birthday Cat in the Hat, his second birthday, Mickey's Playhouse , and now her second baby's shower. I am so happy they keep coming back for every special event in their lives. Hopefully I will continue being part of the ones to come. 


Whimsical ladybug Teapot

This teapot was my design 100% and I must say that says me all over it!  I wanted it to give you the feel of a ladybug without putting the bug on it.  When I finished it, I asked one of my girls: "what does it remind you of?" and she said "it reminds me of a lady bug". I smiled becuase I had done it.  I said it and I will repeat it, I've discovered that I love making teapots.  Can't wait to come up with other designs.  The recipient of this cake was very happy and that filled my heart with joy.

Flower Teapot and cookies

A client was having a tea party for Mother's Day and she asked me to make her a teapot cake.  she showed me several pictures, but showed me one she loved and asked me to make it for her.  Although it's not exactly the same. It still has the same feel.  I am really satisfied with how clean it came out.  It really resembled a teapot. I am so happy with how it turned out and discovered that I love making teapots from cake. I made some cookies for another order for someone else that was also haveing a  tea party for Mother's Day.  I decided to use left over flowers to decorate these as well and took a picture of them as a set. Absolutely love  how they turned out. My client loved the teapot. Yay!


Jungle Cake

This cake was for a baby shower for an expectant mommy of a baby boy!  I am in love with the monkey. The cake is 3 tiers and serves a 12, 10 and an 8 inch. Each tier is 4 inches high. 

Miami Heat Cake

I think the client that ordered this cake found me online or through a friend. This cake was fun to
make. I really enjoyed creating the elements for it.  It's 100% edible. This can be done for any team as well.