Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lalaloopsy cookies

I love making things for my client Karla, she always gives me the green light to do whatever I want for her girls parties. This time though, she ordered some goodies for a friend's party. I made her cookies, pretzel sticks covered and chocolate and choco-Oreos. Karla makes these beautiful banners that are just too gorgeous.  If you are interested, in one just let me know and I will have her contact you.
The display of all the goodies 
My friend Karla



American Girl "Coconut" doggie cake

This is a client that has the cutest little girls. She sometimes celebrates their birthdays together because the dates are so close.  I have had the privilege of making their cakes for quite a while now. I know I've made other cakes for them, but these are the ones I remember from the top of my head:
Wall- E Cake
Mickey Playhouse
Toy Story

Thise year the girls wanted a cake that showed their favorite American Girl pet Coconut. I could have molded it, but I had already done something like that.  I wanted it to be fun and playful, almost cartoon like, so I did it this way and was so pleased with the results.  The bottom of the cake has the other little pets the AG have.  This cake was fairly small, 10x10 and 4 inches high. The flavor was vanilla bean with vanilla frosting.  Simple but delicious. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sail Away with Me Valentine's Dinner Party

Every year I host a themed Valentine's Dinner party. This year I called it "Sail Away with Me". I love color combinations and I found the royal blue and yellow appropriate for the theme. I asked the guests to come dressed in nautical attire and as a party favor I had gob hats for everyone that I placed hanging from each chair, My husband was the only one with a captains hat.   I had prepared a playlist with awesome backgroud music. I created an appetizer station with nautical props.We also had a time of pictures.   My appetizers included, bacon wrapped scallops with a tangy sauce, mushroom caps filled with crab meat, coconut shrimp with a mango sauce, crab dip with savory crackers and a ceviche individually served in shooter glasses paired with a Sauvignon blanc. Dinner was oh so yummy, Surf and Turf. The surf was a delicious shrimp scampy and the turf was filet mignon with a red wine reduction sauce, paired with a nice Pinot Noir wine. Dessert was a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache and then decorated with fondant to look like the sea with a boat. Chocolate covered strawberries, mini chocolate trifle shooters and other goodies. Everyone is looking forward to next year to see what fun theme I come up with.  Little do they know that I'm already working on it.



Arabian Nights Valentine's Dinner Party

I had such a wonderful time preparing for my annual Valentine's dinner party for 2012. I got a bit scared with the menu not knowing if my guests would enjoy some of the Middle Eastern flavors, but everyone loved it and even had seconds. Loved working on desserts. As my guests arrived they were directed to the appetizer table where I had several types of hummus Babaganoush, taboulie, pita chips, etc. We had some crazy arab props and we took crazy pictures. They all came dressed with a Middle Eastern feel. I really enjoyed having all my crazy friends over and I dare say that I think they had fun too.







Parisian Valentine's Dinner Party

I had not posted this and may other things to my blog.  My 2011 Valentine's Dinner Party theme was Parisian. I love how everyone gets into the spirit of my crazy dinner parties. The ladys put on their French feathers or flowers and pearls and as the couples arrived, we greeted them in French with two kisses. The food served that night was also inspired by the French cuisine. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the food and great company. I have a crazy circle of friends and I love it!