Saturday, March 9, 2013

Minnie and Mickey birthday party

I know I always say this. but I loved working on this theme! My sister-in-law, Annie, wanted to have a combined party and was pulling her hair not knowing what to do for Giselle's 4th birthday and Christopher's 1st Birthday that didn't take away from the importance of Chris' first celebration since their birthdays are so close in date.  She wanted to be practical because they were taking the kids to Disney World and to have two separate parties was an unnecessary expense.  Although Giselle's 1st birthday was Minnie Mouse , we all thought it was still something appropriate because she loves the characters and also, it was a great idea because of their trip to the Magic Kingdom. So Mickey and Minnie in all their glory it was.  Annie always knows what she likes and wants and I'm happy she and I have similar taste and like simplicity and symmetry.  I can't help it, it's how my brain works, lol!

I made two 8" round cakes in Marble loaf with vanilla buttercream filling, eache topped with a half circle of yellow pound cake that were covered in black fondant and then I placed ears made out of black fondant with a spinkle of Tylose to harden. I decorated one of the cakes as for Minnie and the other for Mickey.  I also made Cake pops in the shape with mouse ears, sugar cookies, cupcakes and decorated them as Mickey and Minnie, I also made marshmallow pops.  Decorations were balloons in the three colors, die cut banner and center pieces with their names and ages, as well as paper hats with ears and goody bags with Mouse silhouettes that I put together.  The kids were dressed like Mickey and Minnie and looked so darn cute! Annie had everyone come dressed in black, white, or red.  Although, it was a very small party with family only and a few very close friends everything turned out awesome.  My husband made a mean BBQ in the backyard!

My Dauaghters and their little cousins

Me and the kiddos

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  1. You did such a great job on your kids birthday! This is exactly what I want for my kids birthday next month! May I ask, where did you get the decorations? Thank you and best of luck on your business.