Monday, April 18, 2011

Tangled Cake and cookies

I made this cake for two precious little girls.  When the mom told me that the party was Tangled I got extremely happy because I knew exactly what I would do. This was a pretty large cake.  It is made out of marble loaf and rice cereal treats with vanilla bean frosting and covered with MMF. The middle support of the tower is a one inch dowel rod, 18 inches long that I covered with rice cereal treats, made by me (the store bought ones are a bit too soft for construction).  The rest is all cake.  I tried staying true to the colors of the invitations.  I know that next time I make this cake again, it will have even more details because I already have the experience.  This cake was so tall that it almost didn't fit in the car.  We had to pull out the peak of the tower, but that wasn't a problem because the customer only had to put it back again once at the venue.  I made cookies in the shape of crowns too. When the customer picked it up, she elated!  Yey!  I love happy customers!

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