Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cat in the Hat Cake and Goodies

Oh my, I loved this theme... loved the colors and loved the elements I made for this precious little boy!  The cake is completely edible.  I cut out the pieces of the cat, kite, thing 1 and two from gumpaste and once it  dried in a couple of hours I used edible colored markers and drew and colored in the details. I made cookies in the shape of the hat and used red and white fondant and then details were added with the black marker.  I tried painting the red on cookies, but it looked, well.. painted and cheap.  I'm too picky. I rather put in the extra work to have a product that I am proud of.  I loved how they turned out the hard way, lol! I also made hats out of marshmallows first dipped in white chocolate, then painted with red chocolate.  These looked adorable.  I made cake pops and added blue hair with fondant to look like Thing 1 and Thing 2. I placed everything on a table I have at home with a turquoise tablecloth to see how it looked and to give the client an idea on how she could display the elements.  She had beautiful things for her tables though. But it was just and idea. The flavor of the cake was vanilla with oreo cookie filling. Thanks for looking.

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