Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Pops and Cake

I had never made so many cake pops all at once.  the most I had done was 60.  I made 120 of these things and they where each decorated individually. I was blessed to have such a great partner, my hubby.  I don't know why he puts up with me because I am very demanding and I can be a witch when I say things if I don't like them.  He helped making each and every pop making sure that they were all exactly round and exactly the same size (I inspected each of them, lol).  Half were brownie/chocolate and the other half were vanilla/buttercream. I made Cookies half Minnie and Half Mickey. I also made a cake in the shape of a star where the client placed these huge and beautiful porcelain Britto Mickey and Minnie.  The birthday was at the Children's Museum so this was super appropriate.  The pops were a hit!  Thank God for that!
 Mickey Brownie Pops
 Minnie Vanilla Pops

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