Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things that remind me of you Cookie Bouquet

This cookie bouquet has an interesting story. The client asked me if I could make cookies for him without a particular theme, but of different things that described his relationship with his girlfriend (where she's from, favorite TV, shows, favorite video game, political party, things they argue about, comic books they read), I said, sure... So this is how this bouquet of cookies came to existence. It actually tells a story. I will never forget the clients face when he saw the cookies. He said, "she's gonna love it". It was funny because there is a cookie happy face with a bullet on it's head and I was mortified when I thought I had to make this cookie like that, but honestly, it was actually cool. I took a picture of some of the cookies. I also discovered that I have to purchase better quality paint brushes because painting with cheap ones is not a good thing.Bouquet of many random cookies


Panama Flag


Starbuck,s (really hard to paint something so small

Super Mario

Panda from a comic book


  1. OH! I think I knew who this was for. lol. Yan and Flor?
    I love it. It's a really cute idea. Good job!