Sunday, June 2, 2013

Deep Bue Sea Cake

I was so excited to be able to once again make the cake and goodies for this client.  She goes all out for her kids' birthday parties.  I have had the priviledge of making sweets for  her older son's first, second, and third birthdays,then her 2nd child's baby shower and now his first birthday.  She is so creative and has such attention to details.  Every party is a production worthy of being featured in a magazine. I am always eager to see the amazing things she comes up with to make her children's parties a unique and fun one for everyone invited!  This cake is really a replica of a picture she sent me. I don't know who made this orginally, but I love the concept. I had done something similar to this for a nautical party I had for Valentines.  The cake is al vanilla. The top layer is filled with a nutella filling and the bottom is guava. Talk about yummy!!!!!


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