Sunday, June 2, 2013

Care Bears Cake

It's incredible how things really come back!   The Care Bears were a rage back in the 80's when they first started.  I remember having a t-shirt as a teen.  I loved them as well as My Little ponies and other cute cartoons of the time.  When my client asked me to make a cake with this theme I was like, "The Care Bears? The ones with the picture on their bellies? Wow!"  She sent me a picture of a cake that had these little furry creatures on them, and although the cake was nice and the bears cute, they did not look like the actual Care Bears, so I made it my mission to have mine resemble the real ones as much as possible and I think I succeeded!  I had a blast making them.  I find myself falling in love with modeling figurines. This cake is my moist Leelee's vanillabean cake with a refreshing citrus buttercream filling and covering, then topped with marshmallow fondant.  Every single element on this cake is edible with the exception on the wire holding the clouds and hearts, obviously.  Hopefully I get more orders of retro characters.

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