Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cigar Box Cake grooms cake

I made this cake for my friend's wedding as a grooms cake for her husband to be. The flavor is Leelee's Vanilla Specialty.  A little note about this cake:  Some people actually thought this was a real cigar box because it was placed on a table that had cigars that at some point during the reception, the men that wanted, could go and smoke with the groom.  I stopped a gentleman that was about to try to open it and I told him not to do that because it wasn't real, that it was cake. He just looked at me funny and walked away.  Then, at the end of the reception, the grooms father went at it too, but I couldn't stop him and he did break the little lock, it was hilarious because he had a puzzled look on his face and my friend, the bride, told him it wasn't a real box, but a cake. The happy couple absolutely loved  and enjoyed it and this really made me happy as well!


  1. Que pasadaa!! parece madera de verdadd!!Impresionante!!

  2. Nos encanto.. para Mi esposo Eric fue espectacular.. si nos reimos en cantidad con mi suegro tratando de abrir el bizcocho..jejeje. Se quedo bobo con lo real que se veia..
    Y estaba rico tambien, lo partimos a la 1am en el bar del local con algunos amigos.. delisioso.
    Leelee amiga gracias un millon.. lo que hicistes para el dessert table todavia mis inviatados estan hablando de los cupcakes y las galletas...rico..