Sunday, April 4, 2010

Miami Hurricanes Cap Cake

My husband turned 43 and I was thinking of something nice to make him for his birthday.  Originally I was going to make him an Indiana Jones hat and wip, but after thinking about it, it really didn't excite me. I love vivid colors and working with dull colors for his birthday wasn't something I wanted to do. I asked him what did he want for his birthday cake that wasn't just a round or square cake, and he said something UM (he is a huge Hurricanes fan).  At first I thought I would make a helmet, but when I realized how much time I had, it wouldn't allow me to make the mask part and have it dry to assemble.  So I decided to make him a cap.  I was very pleased with how well it came out!  When he saw it he said to me: "Leelee, eres una bestia" which means: "Leelee, you are a beast", trust me in Spanish that is a very good thing, at least here in Miami, lol!
The flavor was Leelee's Specialty Rum cake layered with hazelnut cream!  He loved it and I was happy!  Seeing the expression on his face was priceless!


  1. Waooo amiga Eric tambien dice que eres una bestia.. haciendo bizcochos.. nosotros los boricuas decimos eso esta bestiar... jejeje
    Love it...
    Happy Birthday a Iggie..

  2. This is beautiful!! What did you make the bill from?

  3. Wow..... That is amazing & breath taking!