Sunday, September 4, 2011

Organic, Chevron Baby Shower Cake

So I get a call from this lovely young lady telling me that she wanted me to make her sister's baby shower cake, I immediately said yes because I had made her sister's wedding cake too and I just love this amazing family.  I had received an invitation to the shower, so in my head I thought the cake would look similar to the invitation.  I was blown away in a good way when I saw the design of the cake.  Apparently it had nothing to do with the theme, only the colors selected were the same as in the invitation, but me being an artist and knowing that all of them are too, I knew that they had something up their sleeves and it was going to be fun to see.  The design of this cake looks so easy, but let me tell you, it was a challenge, because I do things in a very free form way, without rulers or measurements. I just eyeball things and that's it. Having said this, if it doesn't look right I will do it again until it does.  I am a perfectionist by nature and this gets me in trouble.  Anyway, I wasn't going to be able to be free in this case at all.  Thank God I had  good grades in geometry! Surprisingly the only "number" subject I actually liked in high school.  I did some measurements and calculations and got the chevrons evenly spaced up and down and all around!  The client came by to pick it up and loved it. I showed her some cake bases to put the cake on and she chose the same one I had thought of.    A couple of hours later I arrived at the venue where the shower was held and absolutely loved all of the details of the decor, the beautiful colors and the organic feel to it all.  When I took a look at the cake, I said: "I knew it!" They had decorated the cake with some organic materials and added a nest on top as if they were saying that it would soon be filled with the precious baby!  Hey, this is art, people!  It was like looking at a painting and interpreting what the artist was saying with his creation.  Just like their wonderful wedding, this shower was filled with lots of love.  I enjoyed seeing the dessert table with the goodies that the future grandmother made.  She made choco oreos and cake pops in blue and yellow.  Beautiful!  You could feel the warmth in the place.
Anyway, my cake was Leelee's specialty vanilla cake with nutella filling.  Some people at the shower asked me for my number and said that not only was the cake beautiful e, but that it tasted delicious too.  Yey!!!!

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  1. lee lee.. im just reading this post!! thank you again for the beautiful cake (not only at our wedding, but for little guys)!! it was sooooooo delicious too... we cut the top piece for H's bday which we got to celebrate with our little guy just about a week old... thank you again!!! your craft is awesome! :D