Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was so thrilled when I was asked to make this cake. The client had an idea of what she wanted and sent me several pictures of which she wanted separate elements from.  I really don't know much about Pokemon, but when I have a cake to do of something that is very popular and I don't know much about it, I do some research.  Did you know that there's a gazillion Pokemon characters?  I feel bad for the parents that would have to purchase all of these for their little one's collection.  It should truly cost a fortune! lol!  Anyway, I made the little characters out of MMF with Tylose. The client wanted the child's name in Pokemon font, so I downloaded the font  and created it then in photoshop to give it a little twist and cut letters out in yellow and then in a deeper blue.  I was happy with the result.  The ball is made out of yummy Leelee's specialty vanilla with dulce de leche filling as well as the bottom cake,   I also made cookies for this client. Her hubby came to pick up the cake and he looked really worried.  I asked if he liked the cake and he said: "OH, yes, I'm just concerned that it will arrive in one piece".  I assured hime that if he drove safely there would not be any problems. He smiled and left.


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