Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hello Kitty

This client found me I think on my FB Page or this blog, I'm not really sure.  She called me and asked me to make a cake for her exactly like a picture she sent me.  This design is somebody else's and I just replicated it. I normally like doing things a bit different to personalize my work, but this customer wanted tan exact replica, so much so that she asked me if that would be a problem for me. I said no because truly the cake was very simple to make.  It was a pretty cake so I did not mind replicating it.  The flavor of this cake is Leelee's Vanilla with dulce de leche filling.  Yum!!!!  When the client came she really took a look at the cake and said: "Perfect".  I really wasn't worried because it looked exactly like the picture. 

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