Monday, August 29, 2011

Dominican Themed Cake

This is what I call "Dominicano hasta la tambora"!  This client called me and asked if I could do a Dominican themed cake.  She sent me a picture of the invitation she had made for her husband's 35th birthday.  I'm happy she sent this to me because the only thing that popped in my head was the flag. lol!  I got inspired by the instruments that actually make the sounds and rhythms of D.R.'s music; una tambora (drum), una g├╝ira, (don't ask, it looks line a grater to me), and an accordion.  With these three instruments you can play the oh so popular merengue.  So I pulled up some pictures from the internet of these items and went to town with my MMF with Tylose and created the flag, and instruments.  Then the client called me and asked me to leave space on the cake for a "diablo cajuelo".  I had no idea what that was.  I just heard "diablo" and I was bent of of shape, but a good friend of mine told me what it was.  It is a person dressed as a diablo or demon and comes out at the dominican carnivals.  I left the space for her to add it.  Anyway the cake's flavor is dominican with almond chantilly filling.  Delicious!!!!!  When the client picked up the cake, she was really pleased and I was happy...and here it is...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gerbera Daisy Cake and Dessert Table

My first born turned 21 and she wanted a party.  We debated as to what kind of a party it would be and we decided on a small, close friends and family party. It's funny,  the family was missing in action, the only family I can really excuse is my family that live in the North East, but such is life, It's a matter of priorities. Hopefully we have instilled  our kids with a better concept of what family truly is. Anyway, We had some finger foods, an amazing DJ with a great mix of dance music and Ashley's request for a dessert table.  I created her invitations, The cake,  and all the goodies.  My baby girl had a blast and made me melt when she told me she was blessed to have a mom like me. Party  colors were: Pink and Orange

The Dessert Table with all the goodies

The Cake that we designed with flowers my daughter, Ashley and I made out of gumpaste. I love how this cake turned out! Flavor was Orange-Coconut. 

A closer look at the details

People actually thought the flowers were real, yey!

Yummy Orange and Strawberry gummy wedges

Grand Manier cupcakes with strawberry & Citrus frosting! To die for

Marshmallows Dipped in white chocolate dipped in sugar crystals

Brownie Pops covered in tinted white chocolate

Strawberry and Orange Vanilla cookies

These had to be present - Chocolate Covered Oreos

The Invitation

The Royal Family

Blossom Quince Cake

Close to 17 years ago I made a wedding cake for a couple.  Their wedding cake had columns, a water fountain and all those things that were super cool in those days, but if used today they would be considered tacky as heck! Every time these clients have a big event in their lives, they call me and ask if I still make cakes and up until now I have said yes, although I took a break for a while. Well, how time quickly flies! Their daughter turned 15 and guess who they asked to make her cake?  Yes, you're right! Me!  I was so happy to once again see this couple and felt privileged that after all these years they still sought me out to make such a special cake for their only little girl.  I feel so blessed to have people that entrust me with things that are so special in their lives.
The cake is off white with sage green branches and peach colored flowers. The number is made out of Tylo and brushed with pearl dust to give it a sheen.
The flavor of this cake is Moist Amaretto covered in MMF.  

Ladybug Baby Shower Cake and invite

Every once in a while I will do some graphic work for family and friends, never for clients. I don't want to put my hands in so many things like I have in the past and be overwhelmed. I designed this card for a girl's baby shower and she loved it.  I am just putting it up here to share.  No, I will not do these for clients. lol! Too much stress!

The cake I've done several times and if you search under ladybug, you will see different versions of it.  Super cute for a shower or a little girls birthday.  The flavor is marble cake with vanilla buttercream covered in MMF.  I truly enjoy making the actual ladybug part of the cake.

Little Mermaid (total client disappointment)

I always post happy stories of clients being so satisfied with my work. Let me start by saying that this cake highly disappointed the client who ordered it.  At first I thought she liked it because she left with it and did not say a word.  I asked if she liked it and she said yes.  I was thrilled to have made another customer happy.  To my surprise, a while later I received a text from the client telling me how she had expected something else.  My heart sank and I was shocked by it.  I did not know what to say, so I swallowed my pride and apologized.  The part that really hurt me was when minutes later she added that the recipient of the cake thought an amateur had made it.  I was floored and so many emotions gushed through me, I had already had a hectic and crazy week and was battling some internal issues, aside from the fact that I was up to my nose in cake orders. I wish that part would have not been shared with me. I felt it was mean. It still resonates in my head.  It made me cry for a bit and for an instant the remark made me feel inadequate, a feeling I thought I had overcome so many years ago. I wondered what went wrong.  I dedicated time and effort to finishing up this cake as I do with each and every one I do.  Then it hit me.  I had said no to making this cake because truly I did not have the time.  The person insisted so much that I obliged.  I didn't dedicate time to speak to the client and really listen to what it was that she wanted as I do with every client. I just heard Little Mermaid and I proceeded to do her.  See, I am so used to hearing clients tell me, "hey, do what you want, I trust you", but I always talked to them, interchanged ideas, etc.  I simply did not have the time to do that, and although I disagree with the client as to my work looking like an amateur did it, I must say that I truly did not talk to her about the design she really wanted.

Lesson learned:  Never overbook myself even if it's my mother begging me to do so.  Always have clear conversations with clients of what they want and put it in writing.  Continue working with excellence not letting rocks that I encounter along the way be stumbling rocks, but allow them to be stepping stones that will make the craft that I love so much become better.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Minnie Mouse Cake (Simplified version)

A client sent me a picture of a similar cake.  She wanted this cake for her granddaughter's first b-day.  I have made a similar cake with the minnie hat on top, but I think this concept is cute too.  I love this client! Every time she has a special event she calls me to make her cakes.  It's always great to keep clients happy, they keep coming back over and over and highly recommend you to others.

Hello Kitty Cake

I've done this cake a many times, but I made it again so I'm posting it! lol!

Speech Language Pathology Cake

This was an interesting cake to do.  The client graduated with a Master degree in S.L.P. and wanted a fun cake that depicted this.  Yeah, If you don't know what it is for, it seems a bit strange.  She wanted it to look glittery and feminine just like her.  I also made lips and ear cookies for her.  When I delivered the cake she was arriving as well to her party and she was thrilled.  The flavor was Leelee's specialty vanilla with dulce de leche filling, covered in vanilla bean buttercream and fondant.  The cookies are vanilla flavored.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello Kitty Cookies

These are also elements I made on the weekend. Vanilla butter cookies 3 inches in diameter more or less.  I think they look adorable! Great to give out as favors at any girlie party! Thanks for looking!

Corset Cake

Vavavoom!!!  This cake is great for many occasions.  I actually made it for a birthday, but it also works for a bridal shower or a bachelorette party as well.  The flavor is all vanilla with vanilla bean buttercream covered in MMF.  The mother of the birthday girl (an old friend of mine) loved how it turned out. Yey! Another happy client!

Cuban Themed Cake

I loved making this cake!  The client wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday.  She also sent me a picture to give me an idea of what she wanted.  The flavor is marble sponge with chocolate ganache, covered with MMF.  All the elements of this cake are edible.  Huge 14x14 square and the smaller square is a 10x10 square.

Mickey's Playhouse (another one)

This has been a very hectic and crazy week.  I had three big cake orders plus Hello Kitty cookies.  At one point I thought I had bitten more than I could chew, but realized that I had the time.  It was just a matter of organizing myself and not letting myself get overwhelmed (it also helped that the hubby assisted me all the way).  This cake was for a returning customer.  She sent me a picture of what she wanted (this design is not mine). I changed a couple of things not to copy it 100%.  I was very happy with how it turned out.  When the customer picked it up she was super happy.  The flavors are alternating tiers of red velvet with creamcheese frosting and Leelee's specialty rum cake.  All covered in MMF.  All the elements on the cake are edible. Huge cake!