Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gerbera Daisy Cake and Dessert Table

My first born turned 21 and she wanted a party.  We debated as to what kind of a party it would be and we decided on a small, close friends and family party. It's funny,  the family was missing in action, the only family I can really excuse is my family that live in the North East, but such is life, It's a matter of priorities. Hopefully we have instilled  our kids with a better concept of what family truly is. Anyway, We had some finger foods, an amazing DJ with a great mix of dance music and Ashley's request for a dessert table.  I created her invitations, The cake,  and all the goodies.  My baby girl had a blast and made me melt when she told me she was blessed to have a mom like me. Party  colors were: Pink and Orange

The Dessert Table with all the goodies

The Cake that we designed with flowers my daughter, Ashley and I made out of gumpaste. I love how this cake turned out! Flavor was Orange-Coconut. 

A closer look at the details

People actually thought the flowers were real, yey!

Yummy Orange and Strawberry gummy wedges

Grand Manier cupcakes with strawberry & Citrus frosting! To die for

Marshmallows Dipped in white chocolate dipped in sugar crystals

Brownie Pops covered in tinted white chocolate

Strawberry and Orange Vanilla cookies

These had to be present - Chocolate Covered Oreos

The Invitation

The Royal Family


  1. I cant believe that our Ashley is already 21... wahooo

    Happy belated birthday!!

    Everything beautiful as always..

  2. Yes, Ive! She's 21!! Thank you for your comments!