Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Mermaid (total client disappointment)

I always post happy stories of clients being so satisfied with my work. Let me start by saying that this cake highly disappointed the client who ordered it.  At first I thought she liked it because she left with it and did not say a word.  I asked if she liked it and she said yes.  I was thrilled to have made another customer happy.  To my surprise, a while later I received a text from the client telling me how she had expected something else.  My heart sank and I was shocked by it.  I did not know what to say, so I swallowed my pride and apologized.  The part that really hurt me was when minutes later she added that the recipient of the cake thought an amateur had made it.  I was floored and so many emotions gushed through me, I had already had a hectic and crazy week and was battling some internal issues, aside from the fact that I was up to my nose in cake orders. I wish that part would have not been shared with me. I felt it was mean. It still resonates in my head.  It made me cry for a bit and for an instant the remark made me feel inadequate, a feeling I thought I had overcome so many years ago. I wondered what went wrong.  I dedicated time and effort to finishing up this cake as I do with each and every one I do.  Then it hit me.  I had said no to making this cake because truly I did not have the time.  The person insisted so much that I obliged.  I didn't dedicate time to speak to the client and really listen to what it was that she wanted as I do with every client. I just heard Little Mermaid and I proceeded to do her.  See, I am so used to hearing clients tell me, "hey, do what you want, I trust you", but I always talked to them, interchanged ideas, etc.  I simply did not have the time to do that, and although I disagree with the client as to my work looking like an amateur did it, I must say that I truly did not talk to her about the design she really wanted.

Lesson learned:  Never overbook myself even if it's my mother begging me to do so.  Always have clear conversations with clients of what they want and put it in writing.  Continue working with excellence not letting rocks that I encounter along the way be stumbling rocks, but allow them to be stepping stones that will make the craft that I love so much become better.


  1. Ahh my friend.. Im sorry for what you have gone thru with this client.. Still beautiful and well made.. is just not what the client wanted, she should had said something when she was picking up the cake..

    Another thing my friend.. when someone order a cake and youre schedule is full, stick to "I cant do it, sorry" my order schedule is full.

    Love you girl.. keep the good work..

  2. I personally think the cake is super cute and it probably tasted better than any cake your client would have gotten elsewhere..... Don't let the client's dissapointment get u down you create beautiful cakes and realistically you can't please everyone (even the cake boss had a bride that hated the cake he made)..... I think it was very big of you to share this experience with us because it just demonstrates that you are strong and can bounce back from this just call it as it is a valuable lesson learned and keep doing what u do best creating wonderful cakes.

  3. Thank you Ive and Danielle, your words are very encouraging to me.