Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blossom Quince Cake

Close to 17 years ago I made a wedding cake for a couple.  Their wedding cake had columns, a water fountain and all those things that were super cool in those days, but if used today they would be considered tacky as heck! Every time these clients have a big event in their lives, they call me and ask if I still make cakes and up until now I have said yes, although I took a break for a while. Well, how time quickly flies! Their daughter turned 15 and guess who they asked to make her cake?  Yes, you're right! Me!  I was so happy to once again see this couple and felt privileged that after all these years they still sought me out to make such a special cake for their only little girl.  I feel so blessed to have people that entrust me with things that are so special in their lives.
The cake is off white with sage green branches and peach colored flowers. The number is made out of Tylo and brushed with pearl dust to give it a sheen.
The flavor of this cake is Moist Amaretto covered in MMF.  

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