Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Cookie Bouquets

Yes, this past week was the week for cookies, not to mention some cakes in between.  I have been very busy and for this I am so thankful.  I've had to say no to people and this really kills me, but in order to bring quality work and have people want to come back, I must dedicate the right time to every creation that meets and even exceeds my customers expectation!

Here are some Cookie Bouquets I made this week.  These are great as gifts for co-workers, friends and families.  They can be of three or more and as big as a basket filled with yummy cookies.


Seven Cookie Bouquet

Five Cookie Bouquet

Another 5 Cookie Bouquet

another 5 Cookie Bouquet with a bone because
the recipient had a doggie!  How cute!

4 Cookie Bouquet

3 Cookie Bouquet

3 Cookie Bouquet


  1. how do you get clean cut edges on the cookies?

  2. Are you referring to the cookie or the icing?