Sunday, December 20, 2009

200 Snowmen Cookies

I made these 200 Christmas cookies for a church that adopted a school and was giving these to every teacher.  I thought that was such a great thing to do because teachers are really not appreciated as they should.  I commend this church for touching these people's lives with all sorts of help in such a bad economy where teachers literally have to pull money out of their pockets to have the supplies they need. I also attend a church like this, Christ Fellowship, it's a church where meeting people's needs, sharing the gospel and pouring Jesus' love is the main priority before anything else.

I thank God for my daughter's and husband that helped me finish these on time, because each and every one of these cookies has a lot of detail; the hat, the scarf, the nose.  Every one of these components is placed with care and attention.  The last cookie finished looked as good as the first one. This is why these cookies cost as much as they do.  It's all detail work.


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