Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zebra Shoe Cake/Cupcakes

This was such a fun project for me.  I absolutely LOVE shoes and zebra print!  The mother of the bride to be showed me the invitation of the bridal shower and told me she wanted a shoe on a small cake and cupcakes.  The shoe is all gumpaste that I painted in zebra print. I made 25 chocolate fudge cupcakes and 25 vanilla cupcakes and used zebra print cupcake liners.  I made an 8x8 cake, covered it in fondant and hand painted the zebra print with food coloring diluted in vodka.  She also ordered chocolate covered oreos, brownie/Nutella balls, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels, all in coordinating colors. I made the cupcake tower and added ribbon trim in the colors and patterns used.

The inspiration 

Without the cupcake tower this makes a nice cake with some cookes

These were not used for this shower


  1. Wooo amiga como siempre... te botastes... y no fue a la basura...LOL.. eres una artista...


  2. WOW!! love all the cakes on you blog and I'm now a follower!!! I came over from Ive blog!!