Monday, July 6, 2009

Zebra and Pink Dinner Part

This was a fun dinner party to put together. My daughters decided to throw a dinner party for some of their closest friends and they called it the "Just Because" Dinner Party. Of course, mom came to the rescue. I went to Joanne's fabric and bought a piece of zebra print and made a runner for the table. I used a cute $1 chandelier stamp and made the invitations and napkin holders with zebra. and plain pink scrapbook paper. We bought wooden letters with the initial of each of the guests. I painted the girls' letters in black and white acrylic paint, zebra style, and tied a pink with black dot ribbon, and for the guys, I painted their letters in black and tied a zebra ribbon. You cannot have a dinner party without a menu. These were printed on white paper, trimmed with zebra paper and placed on a giant fun clothespin that I painted black with a little zebra or pink ribbon. For a charger I used pretty pink scrapbooking pages. For the centerpiece I used black vases with giant silk fuschia Gerbera daisies that I bought at Michael's on sale. These teens had a blast.

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