Monday, July 6, 2009

Christmas Entertaiment

During the holidays it is tradition for us to make a big deal in preparing our favors and having a nice presentation for dinnerI made my centerpiece inspired on individual centerpieces I saw in a Scrapbooking magazine. Basicallyit is made out of felt cut in a tree shape and hand sewn with lots of buttons and fun ribbons. I stuffed them with pillow stuffing, put in a dowel and placed them inside a pretty holiday tin through some Styrofoam that I hid with shimmery tissue paper resembling snow. I made the favor boxes from a template I'd downloaded from the internet using pretty scrapbooking paper and placed some fancy white chocolate and milk chocolate bonbons inside and continued the christmas tree theme. For the napkin rings I used the same little tree and cardstock. I then scanned one of the the trees and created the menus in Photoshop and made the place cards. Instead of writting people's names I opted for a picture of every guest. I used red charges and beautiful berry cups to complement the decor. Everyone thought everything looked so pretty.

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