Monday, May 28, 2012

Cupcake Cake and, yes, Cupcakes

This was an 8xx8x4 chocolate cake with buttercream frosting topped with marshmallow fondant.  The cupcakes were all vanilla with buttercream.  the Cake topper is a big cookie in the shape of a cupcake and every cupcake was topped with a vanilla cookie sprinkled with sugar crystals. 

Gift Box Shower Cake

I so enjoyed making these goodies.  The theme was pearls and gift boxes in brown and pink.  Super girly!  The flavor of this cake was my  moist Leelee's Vanilla Specialty cake, covered in dulce de leche and then covered in fondant.  Every element of this cake is edible.  The bottom part is an 8x3.5 round cake, and the top is an 8x2 cake  that I placed on top of fondant pieces resembling tissue paper with some uneven dowel rods to make the top tilt ever so slightly.  The pearls are made of 
fondant and brushed with edible pearl dust.  
I also made coconut cupcakes that I dusted with iridescent pink edible glitter (you can't really see in the picture) that made them shimmer and topped with candy pearls. I made cookies in the shape of bibs, rattles, onesies, and pacifiers.  Red velvet cakepops were a must, these were covered in milk chocolate covered in edible tiny pearls, and last, but not at all least I made marshmallows covered in tinted white chocolate and tiny pearls. 
The mommy to be was really happy with the goodies!

Simple cake for a Pastor

I made this cake for one of our pastors.  It's not fancy at all, it was just made to thank him for being our campus pastor because he was fully stepping into another pastoral role kind of complicated for me to explain  correctly here, lol! Anyway, it was just to be seen and shared with all the volunteers that make church at a movie theatre happen every single Sunday.  Trust me, not an easy task, but what a blessing it is.

Mother's Day Cupcakes

OK, I have never made so many cupcakes at the once.  I must say that it was actually quite easy and relaxing, yes, relaxing.  I had pre made the little in advance.  These were ordered from my church for Mother's Day, of course we have over 800 people that actually go on Sunday, but because other sweets were being served as well, I made 250 for my campus, West Kendall, and 150 for the Coral Gables campus. The flavors were red velvet with creamcheese frosting, lemon, vanilla, chocolate and yellow.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bumble Bee Cake and cupcakes

I have made this cake before, but I made it again and it is slightly different from the first one I made for a shower. The client saw it and fell in love with this Bee Cake. The flavor of the cake is Leelee's vanilla specialty cake with dulce de leche filling.  Frosted completely with vanilla been buttercream and then covered with fondant.  the bumble bees and flowers are me out of gumpaste.  The client was super pleased when she picked it up.

Lego Cake

Very simple Lego cake.  I wish I would have had time to do more, but really I didn't so I baked a 10 x10 cake half vanilla half chocolate with buttercream filling and cut in half and then one of the halves in two. iced them and covered them in fondant. The client was ok with something simple and was happy with it.  where I put the Lego pieces the client was placing a Lego police truck.  I made those extra pieces for a cake for the child that cannot eat anything that contains eggs. I think that all in all it looks cute and clean.