Sunday, December 16, 2012

Teal and Red Dessert Table

I just love, love, love this color combo and so does the person I made this for.  This was for a girl I consider family, beautiful, stylish Amanda Marie, not to mention that her parents are great friends of ours and our kids have grown up together.  Amanda told me exactly what she wanted and I didn't want to disappoint her.  I made little teal caps with red tassles to be placed on her favorite cupcake flavor, red velvet with creamcheese frosting. I also made little diplomas with a red ribbon for vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Chocolate covered pretzels where to chocolate was the shape of a diploma with a red ribbon,  chocolate/nutella cake pops in teal covered in teal chocolate. marshmallow pops dipped in white chocolate rolled in teal and red sugar crystals, red chocolate covere Oreos.  Her celebration was at the park so her mom had filled mason jars with red carnations and placed a teal ribbon around the jar, absolutely fabulous!!!!!! This was at placed at the dessert table as well (my dessert tables will always be very simple and the actual goodies on the table along with the colors and textures used will always be the stars and what will stand out, not too much clutter becuase after all it is a DESSERT table). Her mom, a school teacher, made the banner (forgot the name of those triangular thingies) that was the perfect backdrop for the goodies placed on the table.  Amanda was delighted with how it turned out as well as her parents and that was very important to me. Yey! 




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