Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pirate Cake and goodies

The client I made this cake and goodies for is a great client of mine.  I made her little boys Cars birthday cake and goodies last year too.  This year the theme was pirates so I suggested making a treasure chest.  I wanted it to look distressed like it was found in the bottom of the ocean  and I think I achieved the look well.  Everything on this cake is edible.  The jewels are made out of sugar turned into a hard candy.  I burned myself while pouring it into the gem molds, ouch!  The map was made with fondant mixed with Tylose and I used an edible ink pen to write and draw on it.  I also made cupcakes with little cannons, seashells, maps, and pirate flags as toppers as well as cute cookies with little girl and boy pirates.  When I delivered the cake that the client so it her reaction blew me away. She said, Oh my God, Leelee, no way! You are too much!"I wish I could have taken a picture of her face, lol!  Needless to say that I was extremely happy that the cake I made for her exceeded her expectations.


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