Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Wedding Cake

This cake was made for a winter wedding.  The colors were royal blue and silver.  The flavor of this cake is Leelee's vanilla specialty.

Smurf's inspired cake and Cupcakes

I made this for one of my most faithful clients.  The cupcakes are made of vanilla cake colored with blue food coloring.  Frosted with vanilla buttercream. I Made one with a red lining and red icing for Papa Smurf and an other with yellow for Smurfette 

Animal Cookies

These cookies were made for a baby shower.  The client showed me the invite and I replicated them. They are vanilla flavor.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cat in the Hat Cake and Goodies

Oh my, I loved this theme... loved the colors and loved the elements I made for this precious little boy!  The cake is completely edible.  I cut out the pieces of the cat, kite, thing 1 and two from gumpaste and once it  dried in a couple of hours I used edible colored markers and drew and colored in the details. I made cookies in the shape of the hat and used red and white fondant and then details were added with the black marker.  I tried painting the red on cookies, but it looked, well.. painted and cheap.  I'm too picky. I rather put in the extra work to have a product that I am proud of.  I loved how they turned out the hard way, lol! I also made hats out of marshmallows first dipped in white chocolate, then painted with red chocolate.  These looked adorable.  I made cake pops and added blue hair with fondant to look like Thing 1 and Thing 2. I placed everything on a table I have at home with a turquoise tablecloth to see how it looked and to give the client an idea on how she could display the elements.  She had beautiful things for her tables though. But it was just and idea. The flavor of the cake was vanilla with oreo cookie filling. Thanks for looking.

Mickey and Minnie Pops and Cake

I had never made so many cake pops all at once.  the most I had done was 60.  I made 120 of these things and they where each decorated individually. I was blessed to have such a great partner, my hubby.  I don't know why he puts up with me because I am very demanding and I can be a witch when I say things if I don't like them.  He helped making each and every pop making sure that they were all exactly round and exactly the same size (I inspected each of them, lol).  Half were brownie/chocolate and the other half were vanilla/buttercream. I made Cookies half Minnie and Half Mickey. I also made a cake in the shape of a star where the client placed these huge and beautiful porcelain Britto Mickey and Minnie.  The birthday was at the Children's Museum so this was super appropriate.  The pops were a hit!  Thank God for that!
 Mickey Brownie Pops
 Minnie Vanilla Pops

Minnie Mouse two tiered Cake

Yes, another Minnie Cake, lol! Completely edible!

Thanksgiving 2011

Every year I always select a theme to decorate my table for Thanksgiving.  This year I wanted something simple yet elegant.  I love sunflowers and although these are always paired with a more country type decoration, I wanted it to have a more elegant and simplistic feel.  I used brown satin table cloths and bright yellow napkins.  I made little 1.5x1.5 favor boxes where I placed a truffle for each guest and used the decorated boxes as place settings.  I also printed and decorated our menus.  I loved  my petit dessert table.  It only had three desserts because from experience I know that after a big Thanksgiving meal people really don't have space in their bellies for a whole lot of sweets.  Although not a great variety of desserts, they were a hit just the same and the right amount too.  Some people wonder why I go through all the trouble of doing all of that.  My answer to that is that I enjoy making my friends and family feel pampered and special, and this is one of the many ways I can express my love and appreciation to them as well as using my creativity.  My favorite part of this is when finally after a day spent cooking and preparing we all sit around the table and give thanks to God for another year of his provision, blessings, family, trials, and life.  Without Him this is just a day where people sit around and eat.  At the end of every Thanksgiving I am left with the wonderful memories of what everyone had to say of what they were thankful for.  I have seen how through the years my girls have grown by listening to how with time their words have matured and how God is an important part of their lives.  I must say that Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday and it's not for the great food served every year.

 Pumpkin Mousse
 Pumpkin Spice Woopie Pies