Friday, January 15, 2010

Martini Glass 21st Birthday Cake

I made this cake for a client that her daughter is turning 21.  She showed me a picture of two cakes she liked and I took elements of both and came up with this one.  The Martini glass is real.  The actual Martini is MMF mixed with piping gel so that in remains looking moist (optical illusion).  The salt in the rim is actually sparkly sugar crystal sprinkles.  I first brushed the rim with piping gel and then rolled the on the sugar.  A hurricane can't remove those crystals from the rim. The olives are made of MMF with some tylose. Everything else is MMF.  the flavor of the cake is Leelee's Specialty rum flavor, of course.  This cake is very moist, as requested.



  1. It came out gorgeous, Lilly!!!! xoxo, Sam Lopez

  2. LOL Samantha Lopez... i forgot about the boy sam