Friday, June 8, 2012

Damask Black & Gold Dessert Table

This very simple, but elegant dessert table was for a graduation party of a lovely young lady.  She had seen the dessert table that I had created for my daughter Ashley's 21st birthday party and she fell in love with the concept.  She showed me the invitation and asked me to incorporate the colors and design.  She wanted it to be sleek and elegant and that is exactly what I did. I send her a quote for 8 different elements. We agreed on what they would be.  I placed the elements in a symmetrical fashion and let the elements speak for themselves without stuff cluttering the table.  I was also a guest at the party and I could not believe how many people were impressed with my work and how professional everything looked. Not only did I get to enjoy a fabulous party with awesome hosts, but it also became an opportunity to network.

Leelee's Specialty vanilla cake and cupcakes and vanilla bean buttercream covered with fondant and stenciled with black buttercream. 

Cupcakes sprinkled with edible gold and a gold pearl on top
Red velvet cakepops

Milk chocolate bonbons with caramel filling and covered in edible gold
butter cookies 

White chocolate covered oreos sprinkled with edible gold

Vanilla merenguitos or suspiritos

Chocolate covered pretzels with gold sprinkles

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