Sunday, July 17, 2011

Martini Glass 3

I have made this cake so many times that I can truly make it with my eyes closed.  The only reason I decided to post it was because this one's a bit different.  The client brought me a "Lolita" martini glass that he wanted me to use and for his wife to keep.  This cake was larger than the others I have made in the past.  It's a 14x14x3 cake.  The flavor was Leelee's vanilla specialty cake with vanilla bean icing filling.  covered in MMF.  I absolutely loved the client's expression when he picked it up.  He said it looked even better than the picture on my site.  He also said that they do many events and that he is a policeman, and that from that moment on, they would hire me for all their parties.  I try my hardest to create clean, impeccable work for my clients. I can truly say I am my worst critic.  I will never be 100% satisfied with my work, but if the client is, that is what matters most. I am grateful to God for my work ethics which is why I believe that my clients come back again and again and highly recommend me to their friends, family and peers.  I truly love what I do!!!

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