Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tips on Baking the perfect butter cookie

Have you tried baking sugar or even butter cookies at home and they seem not to bake right?  They are too dark or burnt, or when you bite into them they are dry and hard? Well, I'm giving you a tip that may help you bake them just right every time.  Your cookie should look beautiful not only on the side you decorate, but on the other side too.

Make sure that before you use your cookie cutters, you roll out your dough as even as possible.  The reason for this is for the cookie to bake evenly.  Thinner sides will bake faster and thicker sides will take longer making your finished baked cookie look burnt and yucky!

As you cut them place them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and leave enough space between cookies so that they have room to expand and not stick to each other.

Once your cookie is taken out of the oven it should look golden brown and even like the picture above.  If it's darker than this and it's not a gingerbread cookie than you have over baked your cookies and I can guarantee that they will not taste good at all.

Hope this mini tutorial helps you make some great cookies during these holidays! 

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