Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cake for a Marathon Runner

It is amazing what advertising through blogs, websites and Social Networking like Facebook Pages can do... I have made so many cakes, cookies and cupcakes for people I've met through these venues. For this I thank my husband for telling me not only to create these, but to make them look as professional as possible. This has not been an easy task because I am not a techie, but I am very persistent and a perfectionist (sometimes a bad thing, but in this case a good thing). I am swamped daily with questions about shipping within the states and international that it has me doing homework about packaging and shipping and handling. I thank God for this overwhelming blessing!
The client that placed this order is a person I don't know personally but lives locally. She called me and told me she wanted a cake for a friend that happens to be a runner. She told me to get creative and well... this is what I came up with; running shoes made of rice crispies treats and MMF and a water bottle made of rice crispies as well, you cannot run and not get thirsty, right? Flavor: Leelee's Rum. Everything on this cake is edible. This cake serves from 25 to 30 people. Needless to say I totally enjoyed making this cake!


  1. I love this cake. those sneakers are amazing. I'm so glad that you're finding so many clients thru facebook. So proud of you, mi compa. You're such a generous, loving person you deserve nothing but success. Love ya.