Sunday, February 28, 2010

Minnie Mouse Cake, Cookies, Cupcakes and other sweets!

This weekend was our niece's first birthday party!  This is the baby of the family and she has all of us crazy! When we decided to go with the Minnie theme, I got together with my sister-in-law and she showed me a cake and cupcakes online that she liked, so I re-created them and changed a couple of things to make it mine.  To compliment the cake, I made other sweets as well.  Oh, did I mention that I had a ton of fun working on this project for cute little Giselle?
Leelee's Vanilla Specialty Cake, Vanilla bean buttercream topped with MMF. Minnie hat is half a ball and the ears are made of MMF mixed with gumpaste.

These are the cutest Minnie cupcakes ever.  To give them the rounded look on top, I first frosted them with vanilla bean buttercream, then covered with a disk of MMF.  

This is how I wanted to display them on the dessert table

Yummy vanilla-strawberry cookies that were just perfectly golden brown on the back, making them nice and juicy and covered with royal icing and MMF bow! These were pretty big 5" cookies.  They were placed in cellophane bags and tied with a pink and white polka dot ribbon.  Absolutely adorable!

These are marshmallows covered in strawberry candy melts and sprinkled with pink sugar crystals.  I made the holder with styrofoam, ribbon and tissue paper and cut out Minnie silhouettes that I painted with acrylic paint.
These are assorted blow pops that I covered in light pink tissue paper and inserted them in a styrofoam covered in tissue paper, ribbon and Minnie silhouette.
This was me testing how I would place the items on the dessert table before packing everything to take the next day.
I also added some strawberry twizzlers, strawberry wafer cookies and chocolate covered pretzel sticks in nice and tall apothecary jars! 
This is how Gigi's dessert table looked!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Skier Cake

The client asked me to make a cake for her husband's 50th birthday celebration.  She was going to surprise him with a ski trip to Colorado, but wanted him to figure it out when he saw the cake.  I loved molding the skier.  I asked her what color was his gear and tried and used the colors to make him.  The cake is made of Leelee's Vanilla Specialty cake.  I stacked pieces of cakes and iced them with vanilla buttercream and then with white MMF making sure I gave it some movement to resemble a snow covered mountain.  I dabbed some parts of the MMF with buttercream and sprinkled with sugar crystals. Super fun cake to make.

Spiderman Cake

I really loved how Spiderman came out.  I had my husband posing (poor guy) so that I could mold Spidy's body to look more like the action figure.  The client had sent me a sample of a cake she wanted and it had a Spiderman made of gumpaste or something but he looked too buff and Spiderman is leaner with muscles.  This cake is completely edible!  Spiderman is made of MMF with Tylose.  The cake flavor is Leelee's specialty rum cake covered in MMF.



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's cake

For Valentine's this year, I had to bring out two smaller tables to be able to hold all of the cakes, mini cakes, cupcakes and cookies I made.  My house was literally a mad house!  I truly enjoyed every minute of it, though. The work was simple.  People mainly wanted hearts and the color red and white, although I suggested others. I am not posting everything, only the what I have not posted. 
Of this I made several versions (just the cake, just the cupcakes and both)

Better view of the top of the cake
Hearts separated by edible pearls with a heart of pearls within a heart 

These mini cakes with a bear were a hit!!!
I really don't know how many I made!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Red and Blue Dessert Table - Valentine's

A blue and red small dessert table for my Valentine's dinner party made my guests really happy. It had an assortment of sweets to please everyone.
 For the table I put on a white tablecloth and draped it with a blue sheer overlay
The centerpiece of the dessert table was a yummy almond flavored square cake decorated in blue and a red bow
Vanilla cupcakes with a red MMf heart on top
 Hershey's Chocolate bars that I covered with matching blue and red paper and added a tag

Delicious figs and dulce de leche
Chocolate covered Oreos
Chocolate Covered strawberries
Fun red gummies and candies

Red and Blue Dinner Party - Valentine's

This year for Valentine's I chose blue and red.  I thought these two colors were so pretty paired together.  I enjoyed making all the party sweets and favors.
 White Tablecloths with a red runner, red charges, red napkins with ruby red goblets and accents of blue.
I folded the napkin in a fan and put them in a napkin ring I made with blue cardstock accented with white that I punched with an eyelet motif.
For centerpieces I wrapped two boxes with blue paper and added a red ribbon and created a bow on top. I filled two smaller vases with red roses
Little party favor with some yummy chocolates inside.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Pink and White Hearts Cookie bouquet

These are great to give to a friend or your sweetheart for Valentine's.  These are three sizes of cookie hearts decorated in pink and white and placed in a pretty cup that the recipient can keep and use over and over and remember the special person that gave them this gift.

Hugs and Stitches Cookies

I loved making these cute cookies!  The are vanilla and are covered with mmf and royal icing.  They were made for a client that also ordered a cake in the same theme.

Hugs and Stitches Cake - 1 tier

OK, I've done this cake many times already.  More times than I have posted.  this is a very popular theme for little girls 1st birthdays and can be done using any of the combination of colors.  I wanted to add this one because this is a smaller version, with only one tier.  I also made cookies for this client.